8:43 PM
Sorry for posting this in here, couldn't do it in the forums due to that weird anti-spam feature, WTF
8:42 PM
Even though this place is just dead, I am contemplating on something, which in turn has me editing some of the interface .bmp's; i am using old PS version (CS2) to edit but once in the game, colors look messed, for example INTERFACE_BACKGROUND_MAIN_MENU. I am saving it in 8bit and all looks okay, both original and modified file has equal size, until I check it in the game...

I would appreciate if Ebel Angel can point me what's the better way to save bmps. Using Back to War steam c
8:56 PM
This place feels so dusted, where have gone Daddio, OC members and everyone else, haha booze
8:13 AM
10:37 AM
Hi guys, How to load already created maps in map editor for Cossacks 2 battle for Europe?
4:25 PM
7:11 PM
Hi to all! Quick question: in map editor i can't open the ExTerrain menu with CTRL + E ... why? nothing happens. Is there any other way to do that?
10:35 PM
8:52 PM
Good wishes and a Long existing Forum
10:16 AM
Happy New Year everyone!
2:02 AM
holiday booze haha
10:39 AM
6:40 PM
1:48 PM
can someone help. is there a way to instal Cuirassiers AI Pack to steam version?
9:27 PM
Any way of fixing that? I hate taking 2 hours to destroy a barracks with 20+ cannons. Really annoying bug.
9:25 PM
Hey does anyone else noticed that the upgrade that should give +85% hp to buildings in the academy does actually provide +85 armor making them exteremely resistant to cannon and arrow fire?
3:27 PM
i need help with american conquest..
3:24 PM
is someone here?
10:13 PM
5:39 PM
first you have to sign up, before download
8:03 PM
Whereˇis the download link for theese patches ? I can not find any
11:25 PM
Iron Man for cossack 2 (idk why iron man xd lol)
Links are dead
11:25 PM
somebody have the files of this mod¡?
11:24 PM
hey, hi!
12:35 PM
Thanks for writing all this stuff down here man, really having way more fun playing rn.
7:06 AM
Has anyone made a "dead body" mod for Cossacks BTW? What files would need to be edited?
9:14 AM
Hi guys I want to ask cossacks is max 4v4 right ? I want to play 4v4 but i cant i tried art of war back to war same result. I dont have 8flags and i dotn know what to do if anybody can help me. please.
I have instaled GoG anthology edition
6:53 PM
EbelAngel, I want to do some modding on c3 maps. I hope you could help me some. bpatrick888@gmail.com
6:52 PM
EbelAngel, EbelAngel, EbelAngel,
3:23 PM
Does it work for ACFB? Can anyone tell me how to make a Chinese version patch? We really need this patch, we can do most translating work by ourselves.
10:16 AM
what upload file ?
11:41 AM
Bijl0130, perhaps it's better if you post this question in the forum. Especially describe what you are trying to do. What kind of screenshots did you put in the input folder etc...
10:24 AM
Sure I did, but i keeps on saying 'no images' found. And where do I put the program and input folder? Under Cossacks? Somewhere else on my computer?
10:43 PM
Bijl0130, did you put any screenshots in the input folder?
4:35 PM
Tile Map Generator.
Any suggestions how this works? I installed it, but it says it cannot find any images. Some instructions would be good
12:23 PM
bleutubby77, you need to be logged in to see the download buttons.
3:57 AM
i'm so dumb, i can't even find the download button confused , can somebody help me. thank you for any response
4:09 AM
navid3679, right click on cossacks 3 in steam library, go to properties -> local files and click on "verify integrity of game cache". It should help with your black screen.
5:17 PM
cossacks 3 black screen
please help me
12:45 PM
I recently discovered the game cossacks 2 battle for Europe (much better than the cossacks 3).
I was glad there was someone like you, make maps for the game.
I download several maps, but when trying to install them, I am not able.
Could you tell me how I can install them, or play them?
The installer does not work, could install zip files manually? Where in that folder?
Sorry for my bad English, I hope you understand the message.
Thanks for your time and best regards
6:13 AM
2:48 PM
Disabled ability for guests to post in chatbox for now untill those silly spammers find a new home
1:11 AM
Sorry, got confused. Allright now.
10:26 AM
aiidii, it's a completely different template. The old background is gone. What do you mean with you can't navigate? The navigation bar is on top now.
8:44 AM
How to get the old background colour for this website? I can't navigate here.
7:34 PM
how to change team in Editor?
7:18 AM
Hello. And Bye.
4:27 AM
how to use cheats singleplayer?
10:02 PM
10:27 AM
Hi ienzo bye
9:15 AM
As soon as I can figure out Editor, Ill make maps again!
9:14 AM
This place, ughh, looks different.

Congrats on the relaunch!
4:03 AM
kh2010, sent you a pm.
3:52 AM
EbelAngel, thank you.
3:50 AM
kh2010, no i don't have that. Not on this computer at least. Ill have a look in my backups on my old computer but don't remember ever having had that.
3:39 AM
EbelAngel, do you have Triangulator Tree source code? only can download Triangulator source.
5:57 PM
Does anyone know how to fix the frozen screen/mouse problem when trying to play the imperia mod on steam (Windows 10)?? sad
9:51 AM
The site is undergoing some changes at the moment. There might be visual errors for a while.
9:50 AM
crister_09, I replied to your post in the forums.
5:58 PM
Hi friends, who can help me with a mode, i want to make the square formation like AI
how i can start to
mode this?