8:39 AM
Hello all, im modding C2. Anybody else ?
9:16 PM
meant for villages
9:16 PM
Was wondering is there a way for Cossacks 2 to have a 120 unit be formed instead of them losing morale and routing?
10:36 PM
10:36 PM
10:35 PM
6:34 AM
3:18 PM
7:42 PM
1:06 AM
How to download?
9:42 AM
hepiniz amına koyim
5:58 PM
How to make bodies stay on the battlefield?
6:21 PM
How to download?
8:03 PM
ebel comment télécharger un fichier
1:08 PM
How do I download a file
7:10 PM
Good evening, everyone! I have a question about packing the gp2 format! I'm doing HoAE modding. Can anyone help? Unpacked one of the models in this format, eventually got tga and wrl, tga I know how to pack, but what to do with wrl?
7:05 PM
Всем добрый вечер! У меня вопрос с запаковкой формата gp2! Занимаюсь моддингом Гуи. Может кто помочь? Распаковал одну из моделей этого формата, в итоге получил tga и wrl, tga я знаю как запаковывать, а что делать с wrl?
3:46 AM
hey does anyone know how to install the C2: Ultimate Skirmish Pack?
11:24 PM
I accidentally closed down the Tools thing on the Editor. How do I get it back?
10:29 AM
waniandr2015, you may need this file : http://cossacksworld.ucoz.co.uk/load....-1-0-19 if you are on Battle for Europe, then press Control E in the map editor to access all the other editors. But that only has a Ai router editor and mAI monitor, for the actual AI, you need to look in scripts if I remember well.
4:56 AM
Hello everyone, how do I open the artificial intelligence settings in the map editor in Cossacks 2?
2:14 PM
2:09 PM
I uninstalled the game from steam sometime ago and installed it now again but the maps aint showing in the game. I have them installed but they are not in the skirmish. So how do i uninstall this "map installer"?
10:41 PM
i cannot download files; I am logged in
6:33 PM
how to set game speed in cossacks 2 like in map editor?
4:08 PM
Im also trying to downscale the size of the units and buildings or at least be able to put one building next to the other
4:07 PM
Make bigger maps on cossacks and American Conquest?
4:06 PM
Does anybody know how to maje bigger maps and bypass pop limi?
8:38 AM
mtrq32, Indeed, looks like the hosts site is down, I sent him a message on discord. I might have it in backup, but that could take a while to find. No idea which hd it could be on. This is from years ago.
6:13 AM
This Is SPARTA mod for american conquest is down.
2:59 AM
The Gigapack may limit the number of frames in the file?
11:38 PM
Figured it out. Small download butten is under the title.
11:36 PM
How can i download a file??
0:05 AM
0:05 AM
How do I download a file from this website?
1:00 AM
for which game michaomerville?
9:26 PM
Question How do I make the overall map bigger?
4:48 PM
There's a download link directly below the title.
6:31 AM
hi guys. how to download the skirmish map installer?
6:22 PM
9:13 AM
Hello! My name is Zhulien Lachev. I am looking for link of the amazing mod Hawks Seven years war but without success. I like this version so much.
Can you help me? If somebody want to share the mod package with me - my email is jujo92@abv.bg There is a program
wetransfer.com for sending big files. Thank you in advance!
8:57 PM
Hello all, Sorry to be away for so long. But just started playing C2 again. See you possibly in the shell.
9:14 AM
u have to log in

btw do you know 6 or 7 player maps?
10:32 PM
why i can't download nothing from here?
0:25 AM
I owe you for just taking the effort to reply, lol. Thanks!
8:27 AM
TheCossack, I replied in the forums.
8:43 PM
Sorry for posting this in here, couldn't do it in the forums due to that weird anti-spam feature, WTF
8:42 PM
Even though this place is just dead, I am contemplating on something, which in turn has me editing some of the interface .bmp's; i am using old PS version (CS2) to edit but once in the game, colors look messed, for example INTERFACE_BACKGROUND_MAIN_MENU. I am saving it in 8bit and all looks okay, both original and modified file has equal size, until I check it in the game...

I would appreciate if Ebel Angel can point me what's the better way to save bmps. Using Back to War steam c
8:56 PM
This place feels so dusted, where have gone Daddio, OC members and everyone else, haha booze
8:13 AM
10:37 AM
Hi guys, How to load already created maps in map editor for Cossacks 2 battle for Europe?
4:25 PM
7:11 PM
Hi to all! Quick question: in map editor i can't open the ExTerrain menu with CTRL + E ... why? nothing happens. Is there any other way to do that?
10:35 PM
8:52 PM
Good wishes and a Long existing Forum
10:16 AM
Happy New Year everyone!
2:02 AM
holiday booze haha
10:39 AM
6:40 PM
1:48 PM
can someone help. is there a way to instal Cuirassiers AI Pack to steam version?