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C1 and C2 comparison.
NowyDate: Wednesday, 04/July/2012, 9:55 PM | Message # 11
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Thanks that you more agree with me.

I started this thread with intention to open even trivial discussion under C1 and C2 games which still have some funs, however they have sometimes different opinions to this games.

There are always people which have their own point of view, have different taste or have own expectations to these historical based games. They can disagree sometimes, but they should have real arguments.

Then do not hesitate to cast your opinions.
If you played theses games you could find more arguments.
You could make even deeper analyses or could only show your point.

This is your decision what would you like to say about these games.
kirjasbeltranDate: Wednesday, 02/September/2015, 10:37 AM | Message # 12
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I do have my pros and cons with both C1 and C2.

cossacks 1
Maps are randomly generated compared to cossacks 2

AI is too aggressive.. if diplomacy mode is activated, my units cannot attack ai units, yet ai units can attack my units

Cossacks 2
Although units are the same such as musketeers and grenadiers, they are still different from each other in terms of their attire by nation
lesser factions.. looks like you can pit them all against each other in a skirmish game if not for the precreated maps
better graphics than cossacks 1

cons/suggested improvement
maps are pre-created in contrast to cossacks 1.. can't help but wonder why a single developer would develop one game with randomly generated maps and another with precreated maps
maps are not too large.. I cannot help but have issues with the terrain wherein I am having a hard time looking for the right terrain to place larger structures such as my fortress
no naval battles although i still prefer land battles
could have added more units, whether cavalry or infantry
Forum » General Talk » General Chat » C1 and C2 comparison. (Which Cossacks game is better - real arguments.)
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