1. Conditions (Terms)


1.1 Ariphmetical
( Condition 1 & 2 )

1.2 Logical
(AND with n conditions)

1.3 Compare
(Condition 1 < / = / == / > Condition 2 ) ( Operation lua)

1.4 Functional
(Condition (s) )

1.4.1 GROUP Get units of Group in Zone Get Units Of Nation new vGroup Get units in Group Get monster in Group Check Position Group in Node Group In Node & Free Get Type Formation Get State Brigade or No Get new units in vGroup 1vCIsTired 1vcTest Filling Ability 1vCStandGround

1.4.2 GLOBAL VALUE Get Global Value

1.4.3 NATION Get units in Nation Get units of Nation in Zone Get monster of Nation In Zone Get Monster in Nation Get Ready Monster Get Resource Nation Erased? Get Count my Village 1VcBrigades Amount 1vcGet NR of Brigades in Node

1.4.4 SYSTEM Camera stop? Get Difficulty Get Screen Coordinate Get look Mode Get Probability

1.4.5 GRAPHIC Graph visible?

1.4.6 SOUND .ogg stop?

1.4.7 NODE GROUP In Node Probably SQUARD in Node Check Timer

1.4.8 TRANSPORT Get units in transport check transport to load check completely loading transport

1.4.9 SPECIAL Check RBBP Village Owner Get current Group Order Get Number of BR loaded guns