17thc muskets very strong, but slow to produce. Uncommon choice, simple, well balanced for any peacetime setting.


  • 17thc Musketeers cost 9% less, have 70% more hitpoints, wear upgradeable armor (very nice sword, shot and grapeshot defense), use 66% less iron and coal per shot, minrange 350 (13% closer).
  • Mod: 18thc Dragoons train 8% faster, have +2 attack.
  • Houses have 5% more hitpoints.
  • Storehouses cost more stone than wood (stone is gathered faster than wood, so Spanish storehouses are a little cheaper).
  • Town Halls have 5% more hitpoints.


  • 17thc Musketeers train 40% slower.
  • Mod: 18thc Dragoons cost 54% more.
  • Shipyard repair ship-of-the-line upgrade costs 76% more.
  • Additional storehouses cost 0.5x more.