Under Construction

1. Trees and other sprites
1. Select the tree sprite button or press the hotkey SHIFT + F8
2. Set the slider to a low value or 0 for one object at the time.
3. Select one of the submenu's with the various sprites
4. Hold down control and select multiple trees (objects) for a random effect.
5. Left Click to place the objects.
Note: you can also press shift+control and then hit on a tree in the list, this will select all trees in that list.

2. Stone's
1. Select the sprite button or press SHIFT + F8
2. Set the radius to a low factor with the slider
3. Select the extractable stone mine's ( #STONESTOEXTRACT)
4. Hold down control and select multiple resource's
5. Left click to place the resources.
1. Select the stone sprite button or press F4.
2. Set the radius to a low or zero factor with the slider.
3. Select the stone menu
4. Hold down control, select mutiple single stone's and left click to place on the map. Do not clutter them up, but use them scarcely.

3. Mines
1. Select the stone sprite button in the toolbar or press F4.
2. Set the radius to 0.
3. Select the mine menu.
4. Select the resouce.
5. Iron
6. Stone
7. Coal
8. Gold

4. Deleting Objects of nature
1. Select the Erase Object button in the toolbar or press hotkey N.
2. Select the brushradius or use the scrollwheel on your mouse.
3. Erase the objects. Certain objects ( mine's) only dissapear after moving the screen back and forth.

5. Copy & Paste Terrain Features
1. Select the mouse button in the toolbox or press F9
2. Drag a box over the desired terrain feature by holding down the left mouse button
3. Press CTRL + C , a dialog box will open where you can fill out a name, press enter to save
- in order for this feature to work, create manually a folder named Userpieces inside your data folder.
- use logic name's to find your samples easily back and get a general idea of what is what. In this case RT_M_Trees_6 : RandomTerrain_Medium_Trees_6
1. Select the paste terrain button in the toolbar or press CTRL + V.
2. Make sure you set the player colour to neutral ( brown) in case you got animals, buildings,...in your sample's.
3. Select your saved terrain sample from the list.
4. Place your terrain sample on the map by left clicking. Pressing ESC will also place the sample.
Note: this works for about any terrain feature, except for bridge's and roads. Formations are also not saved, the units appear out of formation on placing samples.

 !!Save often!!