Under Construction

1. Start Points
1. Put a group of peasants on the map.
2. Hit the zone button in the toolbox and set up the name for you start points.
3. Right click in the zone, it will open the set up screen on the right.
4. Click the add ' start point' button. Hit enter to confirm and save. ESC to exit
Note: You can also press CONTROL+SHIFT+ENTER to set up a new zone.

2. Map Grid
1. If you press CTRL + G you get a grid over the map. By toggling the G key you get different sized grids.
2. If you hold down ALT it will show you various overlays on the mini-map ( strategic zones, start points, villages,... )

3. Various Information
1. If you press CTRL + I it will show you various information going from x & y position, over frames per second, gamespeed, animations,...
2. If you press CTRL + U it will show you purple dots ( building block points ) ,  white squares ( buildings geometry & 3D Bars) & red lines ( 3D Aligning points).

!!Save Often!!