1.11 Range Of attack


1.11.1 Shooter minimum range vs maximum range.

Often overlooked, this factor is important to keep in mind when planning a battlefield layout. For example, the higher the minimum range, the fewer shooting units can respond when in stand ground, and the fewer shots they can fire while being approached by melee units. Most musketeers have a fairly short range when you subtract the minimum range from the maximum range. The shooters having the best minimum range are: 

  • Grenadiers (75/850)
  • Mercenary Dragoons (200/900)


·         For the 18th grenadier the range for throwing grenades is different: 200/400


Conclusion towards the battle layout : Obviously the grenadiers have the closest shooting range. So you have to put them upfront. Don’t forget to cover them with pikes. Then you place your 17th shooters, after them the 18th unique or 18th muskets. If you have exceptional good range shooters like the Danish 18th musket, you can place them even further back. And the 18th musketeers. Don’t forget to cover up again with pikes.

This goes from the idea you play on a plain landscape, obviously if you play in a mountaineous area, you cannot always place your units as you like. SO the strategy here is to put the shooters on the hill, again, the lowest minimumrange’s upfront. Cover the entrance’s of the hill’s with pikes/hussars/cuirassiers.