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Austria - Fire power upgrades
Conclusion for Austria:

If you play with  17th musk ( 26) + 18th dragoon  (92) + 18th musk ( 22)  (line 6)      ( 30%-15-20-10) This is one of the few nations that have this combination where all units have maximum shot.

If you play with 17th musk (25) + 17th dragoon ( 44) + 18th musk ( 22) + 18th pandur ( 58) then use line 12.

Suppose you play with 17th muskets, 18th muskets and hussars, and it’s a short peace time game, you could consider using line 24 since the first upgrade is only 6000 gold . This is a big difference with the 21000 that you do first when using line 6.
This is a very interesting nation, not just in this section ( but it has other great advantage’s for early attacking – see nations -  balance Austria )

Ill post also the key list here again , so you dont have to go back to the Main Academy page to compare: