LST File Information

There are various .lst file's in the game. The most interesting one's are Nations.lst and Orders.lst

If you want to add extra natins then this is a file that will need editing. It is straight forward.
On top you got the amount of nations line the engine will look in to. Any additional line's beyond this number, the engine will ignore.
BAVARIA Bavaria BAVARIA.NDS #TX 143 137 (BA) (ba)
DENMARK Denmark DENMARK.NDS #TX 143 137 (DA) (da)
This states that there are 22 nations in the list to look for.
The first entry will come first in the list of the nations menu.
You find the name, the editor name, the nds file to refer to, the numbers you can leave alone, and the nations abbreviations.
Orders.lst file is also very editable and should be of interest as well as it controls the formation size, shape and gains in armor, attacks, etc. Again, the content is self explanatory
Controls the field, ( mill) ,animations,...
Interface build up : fonts, texture, dialog, editor dialogue, multiplayer interface,…
List of all files in the all.gsc file
Other .lst files: 
  • Holelist: Mines
  • OBL: numbers list? 1-0001- 10_0009 referal numbers?
  • IRD Group list: formations, orders refer to code
  • Orders: same as order but more formations lines
  • Other: xrc Cross
  • Pieces:...