Installing Maps

Once you have finished your map, you need to add a few entries to some text files to make your map appear in the list for playing. There are a couple of ways of doing this. Try them out, see what works best for you.

1. Installing
1.1 Manually

Save your temporary maps in the (default) Data/Designed folder.

Once you want to test the map from the skirmish/battle menu, copy the .m3d from the designed folder and paste it in the Data/Mission/Skirmish/ folder.
Rename it to the next skirmish ( eg. Skirmish11.m3d)

Go to Data/Missions/singlemiss.txt and there add +1 to the total amount on top (eg. 11 instead of 10). Add the name Skirmish11 at the bottom of the list.

Next file to change is Data/Missions/Text/SkirBatlnames.txt. This file will define the name that will show up in the skirmish/battle mode. Eg #Skirmish11_TXT My Test Map
And then one more file to change. Data/Missions/Mission.txt

At the bottom copy the one from Skirmish10 and paste it and change for skirmish 11.

Interf3\maps\skirmish\skirmish10.jpg 700 330
91 305 847 229

I used the picture of skirmish10, because I couldnt be bothered to make a preview as long as the map is in test stages. Only change this once the map is in the final stage, otherwise its a waste of time making a preview for it.
For creating a final map preview, there's a tool out created by [HWK]Garnier, which allows you to easily create a tile map for map preview. It can be found in our download section. Click here to get the Tile Generator. More information about this tool can be found on the MastersOfTheField Website.
1.2 With Garniers Tool
[HWK]Garnier has made a small tool that quickly adds any map from within the Data\ folder to be added to the map list without having to set up the files manually. Simply install the contents of this tool into your Data folder and run the program.
1.3 CMIT
This tool allows you to create an .exe file which you distribute to other people. Once you created an .exe with this tool you then click on it and it will install the map automatically. You can get the tool here. There's a Russian and English version of the program.
1.4 Tigrosoft
Another tool that allows you to create an installer file which you can distribute to other people. You get the tool here. There's both a russian and English version of the program.

2. Test & Publish
Test your map both offline and online.
If you created a nice map , share it with other people. Why not upload it right here?