Note : King’s Musketier : 100 fire power, but does not receive upgrade bonuses trough the academy.

So what can be the conclusion for France:

There are 7 ways of achieving the maximum fire power of 28 for the 17th Musketier.

France’s unique unit, the Chasseur is a strong unit actually that comes rather cheap and quick.

The French 18th dragoon is much weaker than the standard dragoon, so make sure if you play with them that you use a line that uses the maximum for these units. They do come much faster than the standard 18th dragoon.

Again, it’s not possible to upgrade all units so they have the maximum shot all at the same time.

So : if you play…

A. 17th musk (27) + 18th drag( 70)+ chasseur (61)     +18th musk  (22)   then use (20-10-15-30)

B. 17th musk (28) + hussar            +  chasseur (60)     + 18th musk (22)    then use (20-15-30-10)

C. 17th musk (28) + hussar            +  chasseur (62   + 18th musk  (22)    then use (10-20-15-30)