File Information

1. Anatomy of the ALL.GSC File:
There are 16 different file type's in the all.gsc file: 
  • NDS Files: These files contain the nations setup
  • MD Files: These files contain the unit/buildings specifications
  • GP Files: These file's contain the graphics for the unit/building sprites 
  • LST Files: These file's contain the various nations, formations, ...
  • DAT Files: These file's contain various start up settings
  • RSR Files:These file's contain the set up for the resources ( wood, stone )
  • ADS File: This file contains the animation of the weapons
  • PAL Files: These file's contain the colours
  • RLC Files: These file's contain animations
  • SET Files: Unknown
  • TERR Files: These file's contain terrain files
  • GRD File: This file's seems to hold the fog of war
  • SMP Files: These file's contain the sample's used in the editor
  • BMP Files: These are image file's used for interface
  • EXCEL Files: Unknown
  • TEXT Files: These files contain the translations for the various entries
For the specifics of some of these file's I refer to the various subcategories in the site menu.
Note: Important to remember that each of these files are inter-related with one another. Making a change in one could well affect how the others will work.

2. Mod's & Patches
The original 1.35 game has one patch01.gs1 file in the data folder. This one contains the credits, nothing else.
There is a certain logic the engine uses to load up the various possible patches and mod's (hierarchy):
How dmcr.exe ( 1.35)looks in the patches & mods:
·         If none available it gets all info from all.gsc
·         If patch available, it will look there first. These values will override those contained in ALL.GSC file, then it will look into all.gsc
·         If mod available, it will look there first and these values will override the all.gsc info, then it will look into all.gsc
·         If both mod and patch available, it will look first in mod file, then patch then all.gsc
·         If you have more then 1 mod and patch installed, eg ( Imperia) has 3 mod files, and 2 patches: it will first look into, then in patch1, then in mod2, then in patch 2, then in mod3 and finally in all.gsc
 Bear this in mind. Don’t mess up ;-). 
If however you are running an older version ( 115-129-130) :
If you have only Cossacks:EW, the file you should make is PATCH01.GS1. If you have AoW, you should make PATCH02.GS1. If you have MODS1, you should make MODS01.GS1 file.
More, if you are on 1.15 you can’t add files that haven’t been there yet, like Bavaria.nds  will give you a warning and no file will be generated. Of course if you have just EW, this game engine will also ignore MODS01.GS1 and MODS.GS1 files.
For Imperia its different: the dmcr.exe has been modified to address the changes and new options in imperia, it also recognizes more Gs files: