Patch Notes

List of all fixed bugs to date:

Patch Notes 12.12.16 (

1. Implemented an adaptive game speed. Now the game automatically adjusts the game speed depending on what’s happening on the screen. In hardware heavy situations, when the game is most likely to lose FPS, the game slows down for better control and performance.
2. Changed the mechanic responsible for enemy tracking, which previously had some problems in large groups of enemies in the screen.
3. Improved optimization, now the game runs 35% smoother in hardware-heavy situation.
4. Fixed an error, which caused targeting problems for musketeers, especially with a huge amount of units on the screen.

1. Now players can command a unit to guard himself, which would open up a possibility to leave that unit to guard key points or for reconnaissance purposes, instead of selecting them along with huge armies.
2. Corpses now disappear with different time intervals, granting a boost to performance of the game without affecting the look of battlefields.
3. Fixed a bug, that prevented players from creating a replay after loading up a save game.
1. Increased the attack speed of the 18c mercenary century dragoon. Now the delay between its attacks is increased from 1.15 seconds to 2.15 seconds, which is equal to 18c dragoon with 2 updates on attack speed.

1. Fixed AI behavior in some missions, which caused them to act unfittingly passively in certain situations.
2. Fixed a bug, which prevented certain area triggers from being executed.
3. Fixed an issue, which prevented "find and attack enemy in zone" trigger in the editor from being executed properly, if enemy approached from a certain direction.
4. Fixed a bug, which caused the game to crash when players attempted to load a replay or to exit it after viewing it.
5. Fixed an issue with dialogue boxes in certain missions, when a response was longer than one line, yet the active selection zone was still only 1 line.

Patch Notes 20.11.2016 (

Major changes

1. Player can now select the size of the map in the lobby. Caution! They are still in beta, so bigger maps may require additional RAM and processing powers (to be more precise, 3 or more GB), so players with lower-end PC may experience performance issues and increased loading times. We thank Andrey Krysuk for his help with this feature.
2. Added 8th player to multiplayer and random battles. We thank Andrey Krysuk for his help with this feature.
3. Reduced an area around buildings that restricted other construction from being placed nearby. Now cities are more compact, with more space to place buildings.


1. Fixed a bug, that removed unit upgrades from the game.
2. Fixed a bug, that allowed players to build multiple diplomatic centers in one game.
3. Fixed an issue when an end game statistic screen displayed an incorrect amount of sold resources.
4. Fixed an error with the selection frame, when the speed of scrolling with keyboard and mouse were different.
5. Fixed a bug, when a replay with a long title was not loadable.
6. Fixed a bug, that prevented Turkish warehouse hotkey from working correctly.
7. Increased the construction time of a Turkish yacht to the same as a European yacht.
8. Reduced the delay between unit disembarking from ferries (from 0.425 to 0.375)
9. Fixed a bug that prevented archers and grenadiers from attacking naval targets.
10. Fixed numerous bugs, that caused crashes during replay loadings.
11. Reduced the defense of galley from 100 to 80.
12. Put a restriction to speeding up the game with console commands up to 10x times.
13. Added backwards compatibility between old saves with 7 players/standard maps and new builds of the game.
14. Fixed a bug that caused crashes when players were viewing Fog of War
15. Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when player exited the game.
16. Fixed a bug, that caused “Move & Attack” order to reset.
17. Fixed an issue that made some units ignore player’s orders.

1. Optimized the map generation process, now it’s quicker.
2. Optimized general AI behavior.
3. Tweaked AI naval behavior.
4. Fixed instances when the game displayed catastrophic perfomance with a lot of units on the screen.
5. Made some tweaks to optimize the game for computers with 1-2 Gbs of RAM.

1. Fixed achievements: “Grand Sultan”, “One for all, and all for one!”, “Old Fritz”, “Iron curtain“, “A bayonet is stupid, a bullet is smart”, “The Thunderer”. We thank Alexander “Setakat” Bunn for helping us figure out this one!
2. Added requirement of playing with starting resources lower than “Millions” to the following achievements: “The Architect”, “To the bowels of Earth”, “City Builder”, “Fortification engineer”, “Black Friday”, “The passage of time”, “Capable war minister”.

Patch 12.11.2016 (


1. Building and unit cost multiplier is now limited to 200.
2. Fixed a hotkey for a polish warehouse.
3. Fixed a bug when towers would cancel their ongoing updates with an attack without refundng resources used for that upgrade.
4. Fixed a visual glitch with musketeers - they appeared to shoot and walk in the opposite to the enemy direction.
5. Fixed a bug with artillery, when it refused to get captured for some time despite a nearby hostile unit being present.


1. Fixed an error when after loading a replay or editor the in-game camera revealed the whole map.
2. Added a “Replay” button to the main menu.
3. Now players are able to choose different players’ point of view during replays (Num # or Alt + #)
4. Fixed a bug when after loading a replay a menu screen would pop up.

AI tweaking

1. AI would not attempt to construct buildings on the opposing shore anymore, if it would take too much time for workers to get there.
2. AI would not build mines on resource nodes that are located anywhere other than his home island.
3. AI will now build ports only in a satiation when there’s no other way to get to the opponents.
4. AI will now send only up 3 peasants to construct housings.
5. Fixed a bug, when AI controlled ferry repeatedly recalculated path in a situation when other ferries were boarded in a place where it should’ve picked units.
6. Fixed a bug, when AI controlled ferry would interrupt its disembarking and kill the remaining embarked units.
7. Optimized the interface when peasants are selected.


1. We removed the second server, as the first one is able to accommodate the player base.
2. Fixed a bug that caused traffic to spike in certain situations, which led to connectivity issues for some players.
3. Tweaked some numbers to increase the reaction time for units in multiplayer battle.


1. Austrian drummers will now get a proper amount of armor from upgrades (20 instead of 120)
2. Slightly increased archers’ range of fire, to compensate for loss of it due to a personified range of fire dispersion.
3. Slightly increased efficiency of buckshot for multibarrel weapons and cannons, to bring them closer to Cossacks 1 counterparts.
4. Rate of fire dispersion at max range is reduced by 25% for every ranged unit in the game.

Patch Notes 17.10.2016 (

1. Fog of War is no longer transparent on monitors with high brightness.
2. Black color scheme is swapped for green one.
3. We’ve increased the number of color schemes available for players to choose from 7 to 12.
4. We’ve disabled resource node icons in the “freemode”. This way it will be easier to make screenshots.
5. Now it’s possible to change controlled player in editor/cheat mode on laptops without using your numpad: simply use the combination of ALT+Number instead (e. g. ALT + 1, ALT +2 etc).
6. Increased the construction queues for peasants, now they can construct more buildings when Shift + Left click is used.
7. Units moving out of barracks to a rally point will now engage any encountered enemy.
8. Fixed a bug in Polish and Czech localizations, that made the bonus campaign line in campaign selection screen appear blank.
9. Fixed some typos in the Ukrainian localization.
10. Fixed typos in descriptions of building of certain nations, now they will display a correct number of dwellers they provide.
11. Fixed a bug when recently built ships moved to a wrong point after a command from player.


1. Fixed a bug when players didn’t get the “Victory/Defeat” screen if the host had previously lost and was in the spectating mode.
2. Fixed a bug when a host migration caused already built mines to stop resource producing resources.
3. Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect display of players present in the session (in list above the minimap).
4. Fixed an error that caused a black screen for players that had lost all of their units, instead of going to the Spectator mode.


1. Removed the last fire power and defense upgrades for Serdiuks in Cossack House. Now their maximum value for fire power is 57 (previously 78) and 15 for defense (previously 21).

Path Notes 12.10.2016 (


1. Fixed common “Access violation” errors that occurred on maps with AI and Peace Time option enabled.
2. Fixed a bunch of small bugs that sometimes caused “Access violation” errors to occur.
3. Ships have proper hitboxes now, around 33% less than before. Situations when shots were registered, despite the fact that cannonballs were actually missing ship’s model, won’t happen anymore.
4. Explosions from destroyed ships will now deal significantly less damage and won’t cause a chain reaction in ship formations.
5. Unfinished stone walls and palisades will now self-destruct if hostile units happen to approach them.
6. Ships will now maintain their custom formation set by player even after movement. We’ve also tweaked their movement system and eliminated majority of ineffective maneuvers.
7. Fixed a bug that caused sails to be displayed incorrectly.


1. Multiplayer sessions will now continue even if the host quits or disconnects from the game. This feature is still being polished, some small annoyances may occur.
2. Fixed rare cases of time desynchronizations between players.
3. Session will now automatically start if the loading time for still loading players exceeds 4,5 minutes. It should be noted, that this time should be easily achievable even by a machine barely meeting minimum requirements of the game.
4. Improved server performance, connectivity should be much more stable now.
5. Balloons will now use a color scheme of the correct player.


Patch Notes (10.10.2016)

1. Issues with synchronization and “GameObject” error messages some players had are now fixed. Multiplayer games should be significantly more stable now, especially for players with bad connection.


1. Fixed crash (Access Violation error) on water maps, related to creation of squads by AI after using ferries.
2. Fixed crash (Access Violation error) on water maps, which was caused by AI being spawn on small islands, with insignificant amount of resource nodes.
3. Selection frame is now more optimized.
4. Fixed bug, when some player couldn’t get achievements in Single Player (there is still a known issue, when some players won’t get any achievements)
5. Fixed the interface, gold income will now be displayed correctly.
6. Fixed bug, when Algeria players wouldn’t get any military units at the start of the session, despite “Big Army” setting being turned on by the host.
7. Fixes in Czech and Polish localizations.


Patch Notes (4.10.16)

1. Fixed lags with wall placing.
2. Fixed the "Access Violation" crash that happened on maps with water, that occurred when any player tried to load his units onto ferries.
3. Fixed random "Access Violation" crashes related to AI, that used ferries.
4. Tuned some AI behavior related to ferries. Previously, it may have happened when a built ferry couldn't moor a coast and the game dynamic slowed.
5. Tuned AI behavior of building ports. Now AI prioritizes it and this increases the game’s dynamic.
6. When ordering squad to load onto a ferry, it now properly updates/removes selection from units (yellow circles on the ground).
7. A ship are now always build at the same location near the port, ferries don’t affect it anymore.
8. If player’s PC got 8 GB of RAM or more, all textures of buildings and models will be preloaded into memory. Previously, only initial buildings were preloaded. This should remove lags and stutters while a player moves his camera over enemy city, destructs buildings or builds high-tier buildings.
9. Fixed some bugs in French localization: long names on buttons, text names and description for tutorial campaign missions.

1. We’ve fixed the occasional desynchronization of time between a host and players. From now on the game speed is the same for everyone. This also fixes the bug with invisible armies, strange behavior of peasants and lag in response of some units.
2. Peace Time is now displayed correctly for everyone.
3. Peace Time won’t appear in matches where it wasn’t set anymore.
4. For MP, we’ve changed a behavior of ESCAPE button and a “Close” button in the victory/defeat message. Now they close the message and allow to continue the game as a spectator while Backspace buttons disconnects you from the match.
5. We’ve implemented 4 new messages for various situations in the multiplayer. Now the game will notify everyone when: a host quits the session and the game cannot be continued; when a host loses his connection; when a player quits; when a player loses his connection.


Patch 3.10.2016 (v1.


1. Map generation process has been changed. Part of generation process was pre-cached. That improves speed of generation and may fix some crashes on game start.
2. Added sound of officers orders, drummer and bagpiper.
3. "Space" - hotkey now moves camera to selected units.
4. Increased volume for peasant selection.
5. RazerIngameEngine.exe process added as a process that may lead to low performance and game random crashes.

Multiplayer and Internet shell
1. Fixed critical bug, when player on client side, was able to place several buildings on one place at once. Which lead to game synchronization error, usually at game start. AKA GameObject error.
2. Fixed bug, when room master start game, and some clients didn't start map generation and stay in multiplayer room. Led to wrong start of the game.
3. Fixed bugs that led to game start fails, and when all players are loaded, but game stay on "waiting for player" state.
4. Fixed issue, when 8+ players was able to join room before game start. Led to wrong start of the game.
5. Possibility to join internet shell using editor.exe is blocked. Some users made game broken.
6. Creating new profile using in-game tools, now save internet login and cd-key to new profile.
7. We started process of separating players to different servers, based on player’s language. Player can choose any server as before, but as default, we propose server based on your language. This should brig better experience. We will make US server soon.
8. Possibility of entering an invalid email during registration is fixed.
9. Added # mark for private/password protected rooms in internet shell. It will be changed to proper image soon.
10. Annoying interface click sound in internet shell is removed.
11. You can scroll internet shell faster with "Ctrl" key pressed.(using mouse-scroll).
12. Session counter in internet shell now works properly.

Patch 29.09.16
1. Fixed “atioglxx.dll” crash on AMD Radeon R7-R9 series graphics cards. Crashes happened mostly on exit to main menu.
2. Window that shows players loading progress at multiplayer start now shows correct information.
3. Increased multiplayer games stability.
4. After some ingame interface actions player was unable to build (fixed).
5. Peasants now can properly attack palisades. Previously their attack range wasn't enough to attack.
6. French Mission 1, fixed bug with ferries, that in some situations lead to impossibility to finish the mission.
7. List of sessions now properly updates when player close session.


Patch 28.09.2016

This patch includes fixes of critical crashes, fix for laptops dedicated graphics cards and many other expected things.

1. Laptops with two graphics cards now correctly select most powerful one.
2. Fixed an issue when player uses msn account in cloud like OneDrive or other and was unable to change language and save game.

1. Increased maximum number of units from 10 000 to 16 000.
2. Fixed wrong information of players owned DLCs in main menu.
3. It is now easier to place new buildings near trees.
4. Fixed issue when player was able to interrupt wall placing process and game become uncontrollable.
5. Fixed bug when settings window could open on game start if you previously open it in main menu.
6. Fixes texts in Ukrainian localization.

1. Added ally chat. Press Ctrl+Enter to chat with ally.
2. Fixed bug when balloon upgrade of one player open fog of war of all the players.
3. Fixed bug in internet shell, when chat messages were shown without nick, after player leave shell.
4. It is now possible to send private message using players ID, like: /w #23456 private message text
5. Fixed bug, when game name disappeared after player press "Make Private" button while creating game room.
6. Fixed bug, when players ID was cut in players list

1. Russian campaign, mission 4, players unions now work properly. Fixed answer when you had not enough resources to pay to Tsar. Changed scenario events.

Work in progress tasks
1. Fixing “atioglxx.dll” crashes on AMD Radeon R7-R9 graphics cards series, happens mostly on exit to main menu.
2. Possibility to scroll map while selecting units with frame.
3. Proper game continuation after room master leaves the game.
4. Window that shows players progress loading at multiplayer start, now it sometimes shows incorrect information.
5. Increasing multiplayer games stability.
6. Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Portugal language support. They are at testing stage and will be added soon.
7. Game rating and stats in multiplayer game.
8. End game statistics after single player and multiplayer matches on random map.

Patch 26.09.2016

We’ve fixed most of the most annoying multiplayer bugs and critical issues like display interaction troubles and aggressive third party applications affects. There are still known multiplayer issues left and planned to be resolved in the nearest patch.

1. Added support for Hi-Res displays with use of DPI/Scale over 100%, now game properly detects each display DPI and changes its view depending on user display settings.
2. Fixed alt+tab issues, when game window behaviour not as player expected.
3. Added proper mouse clamping to window borders. It is turned on when player starts match and turns off in menus or while loading.
4. Now switching between display modes work as expected: full screen, windowed, windowed full screen.

1. Game start should now work properly, without disconnects, “peasant death” and defeat/victory messages.
2. Multiplayer match can now proceed after room master defeat (but until he stays in the game, this issue solving is still in progress).
3. Players now properly receive win/lose messages corresponding with real situation (but still, until room master stays in the game).
4. Removed mislead “disconnect” message while playing was proper. It was shown in some cases at game start, at game end, and when room master left the game.
5. Players now can choose the server to which they want to connect. Added combo box in multiplayer login menu. There are currently 2 servers, and it was sometime confusing when you and your friends join different servers and weren’t able to find each other’s room.
6. Players now properly “surrender” on game exit or Alt+F4 shortcut.
7. Defeated enemies are now shown with grey text colour near mini-map.
8. Fixed bug when player created room just after multiplayer match and its starting settings wasn’t normal.
9. Fixed bug when player was able to transfer “cheats mode” from single player game to multiplayer.
10. Fixed bug when player joined room and it was displayed as wrong room or players previous room.
11. Improved overall multiplayer game stability.

1. Game properly restores interface and unit selection after window resize and resolution change.
2. Mouse clamping to window borders now works properly.
3. Added “Rapture” application in warning list on game start, with notice to close this app while playing game due to high influence on game stability and performance.
4. Game version in Main Menu now include more detailed build version and list of owned by player DLCs.
5. Large fixes for Ukrainian localization (we are still working on them).

Priority tasks for the nearest patches:
1. Possibility to scroll map while selecting units with frame.
2. Proper game continuation after room master leaves the game.
3. Window that shows players progress loading at multiplayer start, sometime shows incorrect information.
4. Work on multiplayer games stability
5. Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Portugal language support. They are at testing stage and will soon be added. Please be patient.
6. Game rating and stats in multiplayer game.
7. End game statistics after single player and multiplayer matches on random map

Patch. 25-09-2016

1. Game now detect some possible problems in system settings and third-party applications that may lead to game unstable state and give advices to fix it.
2. Fixed fishboats behaviour

1. Fixed multiplayer issue, when loading text was shown even after all players loaded in to game. Happend sometime when one of the player was disconnected.
2. Sometimes multiplayer game were started in wrong way and it could lead to different problems at game start and finish.
3. Fixed bug, when players scores in multiplayer games were wrong.

1. Fixed AI behaviour while in peace time
2. Offline cheats are now available while playing against AI only through internet shell.

Patch 24-09-2016

Most of the time were spend on research of issue of random crashes and poor performance issues.

We finally find out that in most cases crash was led by third-party software named "" which is automatically installed with "AMD Gaming Evolved" and it led game to poor performance (2-10 times lower than should be) and random crashes in 2-30 minuts of gameplay. Users also mention “xsplit” program, that closing of that program helps. Info about removing are below.

Multiplayer fixes:
- Peasants and buildings should not die on game start.
- Cannons do less damage walls. That makes campaign progress longer.
- Fixed possibility to use cheats in multiplayer game after playing skirmish first.
- Dev commands and cheats is now available in editor at start.

Campaign fixes:
- French - mission 1 - now it is posible to finish the mission.
-Austria - mission 2 - now it is not neccesary to destroy all turkish fleet to progress mission



Patch 23-09-2016

Critical (fixed):
- Multiplayer is now more stable, playable and clean. We are working on further improvements.
- Cannons and howitzers was unable to attack ships and units through walls. Which lead to problems in completing some missions
- Building gates and opening them no longer lead to crash
- Game now make deep check if you got DEP set to critical setting, that won't allow game to work properly. and it will show you warning message.

- Combo-boxes in game room, no more auto-close when you try to change values.
- Private (password-protected) rooms are now available in multiplayer shell.
- Bug when players could join in already full room.
- Creating squads in multiplayer game, in some cases led to unexpected result.
- Removed all cheats from multiplayer games
- Lot of server optimizations.
- Number of players and max players are now properly shown in sessions list.
- Lesser player random disconnects from server while in game.

Other bugs (fixed)
- After loading saved game, building was not shown on mini map.
- Achievements, not related to Campaign missions, no longer achieved while playing campaign.
- Achievements in Russian language added.
- Pressing ESC while placing walls led to lose ability to control game.
- Fixed situation, when player may put all his peasants in to ferry or mines, and game decide that players is defeated and destroy all units and buildings.

Patch make fixes in next campaign missions:
-Austria campaign, missions: 1, 2, 3.
-French campaign, mission 4
-English campaign, mission 2
-Russian campaign, mission 4

Patch 22-09-2016

New update with multiplayer!
We, as promised, we continue to work and here is a list of the new and amended:
- First of all. Internet server is now live!
- Autosave option is now avialable by default in new profiles and users.
- Fixed many text errors
- Enabling developers commands are now available through cheat codes.
- Fixed bug with wrong text charachters encoding when switching between profiles with different languages.

Patch 21-09-2016

Here is a list of changes already done in the current version of Cossacks 3!

- Developers' tools in non-editor parts of the game (removed)

- Two soundtracks playing at the same time (solved)

- Text tags in tutorial missions texts (corrected\fixed)

- Multiplayer server issues (keep on working, good progress)