Cossacks File Renamer

1. Installing Cossacks File Renamer 
  1. Download and extract the tool or find it in the All GSC ToOol Pack version 1.01 
  2. Simply place the tool on your desktop or place it in your GSC UTILITY File.

2. Using File Renamer
With this tool you can quickly rename a lot of files if you didn't use "+" extraction when extracting with the GSC Utility or if you have new file's.
The reason why you should use this , is because GSC Utility doesnt support folders to be dropped in the utility. So if you rename them with FOLDERNAME+FILENAME.EXTENSION you can drop them in the GSC Utility and the file's will be created inside the mod within the FOLDERNAME.
It's a very basic tool but quite handy.
  1. Put your file's in a folder.
  2. Run the tool.
  3. Drag and drop them file's in the tool.
  4. Type the folder header NAME+
  5. Press rename
  6. Find your renamed files in the original folder.