Creating Landscapes

Naturally, the first stage of making a map is to create a landscape. Decide where to place mountains, plateaus or hills, and where to have vast seas or rivers winding their way through the scenery. (To make this part easier, you can sketch your future map on paper first.)
When you have finished this part, click on the  button in the editor interface. This will open a relief generation window where you can add basic landscape elements to your map
Note that left-clicking adds a relief to the map while right-clicking removes it.
You can also open existing Bitmaps ( .bmp's) by selecting Load Bitmap. The bitmaps have to be in the folder UserTerrain.
The Save Bitmap function does not always seem to work. So a way around this, is after you created a bmp, you go to the folder Data in your cossacks directory and you copy the temporary saved bmp and place it in the folder UserTerrain. If you want an already made .bmp have a look at our download section 
Note that with the import of bmp's you can virtually create any realistic landscape. ( For example's look at the lcn map packs)( )
Or have a look at this great example by [HWK]FoxHound of how to create your own bmp's outside the editor:
(It is for AC FB, but its the same for Cossacks I)
The Map Editor requires 3 squares for a bmp map : one for contours, one for rivers and one for trees.
Contours have to be grey. Rivers have to be blue, trees have to be green.
Clicking on the   button will enable you to add hills to your map. These are marked white on the map.
The  button activates the water editing mode. (Water is marked blue.)
The   button allows you to apply slopes to the map. Slopes are mostly added to the edges of white areas, as they create a path of ascent for your units to reach a plateau on your map. Slopes are depicted red. Using the upper scrollbar you can change the size of the brush in any of these modes.
You can use the   button to add forests. These are represented by green specks on your map. The lower scrollbar enables you to choose how dense you want your forests to be.
Clicking on the (insert pic) button changes the height of the hills generated. Point your cursor at a hill and hold down the right mouse button. The white area underneath your cursor will become darker. The darker the colour, the lower the hill. The lower scrollbar in this mode alters the radius of the dark area.
The undo button is supposed to undo changes,this however doesnt work. Use right-click to undo terrain features
Click Generate to create a map based on your image.
Note: Generating this map will delete all objects previously located on the map. If you do not want to create a map, click the Cancel button.