Town centers and peasants : it all begins here.

A good definition of how to play could be: "The more towncenters you have, the more peasants you have. The more peasant’s you have, the more resources you have. The more resources you have, the more buildings you can build. The more buildings you have, the more soldiers you can make. The more soldiers you have, the more chance you have of winning the war.”

So it all starts with towncenters. Without these buildings you cannot make the peasants that are needed to expand your empire. In general one can say that you should build as quickly as you can as many townhalls possible to have as quickly as possible a good and constant income or resources. The shorter the peace time is, the less townhalls you will build and you will focus on military more then on economy. Nevertheless, its still important to maintain a good economy for without resources, the war will eventually come to an end. Not essential, but perhaps interesting , is the building points of townhalls.


Austria is a big winner on 0 pt game, since it can erect its 1st towncenter very early. As you can see , the rest of the  towncenters are builded in the same building time ( 500 ) . The only difference is the amount of peasants you can manually add to the building of the towncenter. At the start of a game, you always have 18 peasants, so it doesn’t really make  a difference. Except then later in the game.



Another, purely for the sake of information or interest, a list with the statistics of the peasants:


*  = S = Sword attack

Ukraine’s has an very interesting peasant, it is created quicker then other’s, but it’s towncenters have a different building cost ,so it is balanced,, but not on short peace time.