Scenario Editing

Creating, Opening and Editing Scenarios
A new scenario is created based on a previously designed map, i.e. first you must create a map in the map editor. Once this is done, click on "New …" in the "File" menu and select the map in the file selection dialogue. Click on "Save" in the "File" menu to save the game. After that, a new mission will be added to the dialogue window of the Cossacks single player mission selection. By defaults, the name of the mission will coincide with the name of the map.    Use the "Open" function in the "File" menu to open a user-created mission for editing.
Link with Map Editor and Launch Mission In order to link any changes to the map with an open scenario, you should click on the "Edit Map" option in the "Scenario" menu. When you are through with making changes, it is necessary that you save the map using the same name! An open scenario can be launched by clicking on "Start Mission" in the "Scenario" menu.
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An example of a scenario in the editor :