American Revolution: An Add-on for Cossacks 2: 
Napoleonic wars

by [E-BEL] & [HWK] Michael

Status: Under Construction


The American Revolution was the political upheaval during
 the last half of the 18th century in which thirteen colony's
 in North America joined together to break free of the
British Empire, combining to become the United States
 Of America

Nations Included in Mod:

All the normal factions that came with CII: NW

with 3 added, Brittan, America, and French ( all based in the late 1700's)

What to Expect:

- 40 new units 
- Historical stats for all units
- 15 to 20 new buildings

- Re-Worked Game-play and Formations

Teasers( Image quality may be decreased because of size)

( French have white lines at there feet, the Colonies have Blue, And British has red)

you can see the French grenadier and Hessian grenadier( pointy hats), French regulars, and a Hesse Kassel Jaeger in green


All rights to this game is owned by GSC and CDV,

 all new models that [E-Bel]&[HWK] Michael made 

CAN NOT be used in any other person without 

permission [E-Bel]&[HWK] Michael