Iron Man Mod

for Cossacks II: Battle For Europe

Original mod created by Sammy Douitssch © 2006
Russian translation by Agrid ( © 2009
English translation by [CW][E-BEL]^_^Angel^_^ © 2010

Status: Released in 2006


Original publishing thread on the german cdv forum.

The mod combines the abilities of the old Cossacks Back To War (economy, upgrades) with the high tactical abilities of CII.  
One emphasis of the mod is the change of production times and production costs of infantry units. To reach this point two core elements have been changed. One element is the speed workers are created. This was substantially extended. The second element is the maintenance of the units. The maintenance has been increased so that about two fully equipped mills are needed to nourish about 1500 people. In this context it is important to mention that workers and particularly cavalry have an
increased food consumption. Who only trusts in cavalry will therefore have heavy conditions in the Iron Man Mod.

Download Links

Russian Version 1.5 : Cossacks World Server  - QIP.RU server

English Version: 1.5
: (Under Translation) Cossacks World Server - File Front Server


+ English Version

Installation and detailed information

+ Russian Readme