Building Aligning Editor

Under Construction

I completely messed this up the first time i tried this one out. There is a yellow dot and a white/grey dot next or on your building. I tested this on the Dutch TownHall i imported yesterday from Cossacks one which had no reference to aligning. After fiddling a bit around, i tried rebuilding my building but could not see it, so i went off to the .md file to see what happened and it saved a new line at the bottom stating:
ALIGN_WITH_3D_POINTS and then some numbers.
After deleting the line i could see my building again.
Now i compared with an existing building where the building aligner was set in the middle.
With building aligner i mean , clicking on the yellow dot and left click to  move around and right click to increase or decrease ( or go below 0, which was my error, the building was upside down aligned with the landscape O.O)
The grey dot , i still need to figure out what that does.
Pressing F10 in this menu zooms in & out, though dont see the use of this one.
Moving the arrow keys will move  the scene around.