New Terrain Mod (NTM) v1.6.0.3

This mod aims to bring more variety in random map generation by adding new options and objects.


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1.)       New landscape options : Lakes, Rivers and coastal. (360+ map masks.)
2.)       New seasons options: Spring and Autumn.
3.)       New foreststype option: Countryside (rural with farms), Taiga (default), Black forest (Dense forest), temperate forest (new trees mix).
4.)       New harvestable treetypes : Willow, Oak, Beech, Birch, Cypress, Olive, Poplar, Maple, Oak bushes,...
5.)       New flowers and decoration types: cabbage, cornflower, thistle, caluna, editor buildings (rubbled houses, farmsteads, graves).
6.)       New map textures (summer, winter, autumn, spring)
7.)       New peace time options: 5 & 15 minutes.
8.)       New mapsize options (Medium & Very large): current options now are : tiny (256), normal(320), medium (400), large (480), very large (560), huge (640)
9.)       New warship options: with or without warships or transports only
10.)       New additional start options: 17th century barracks, log Cabins, a village and union of nations.
11.)      New resource start options: 10000, 50000, 100000 and 500000.
12.)      New diplomatic option: Expensive mercenaries, costing 3 times as much as normal.
13.)      New random map masks (350+) for existing landscape types bringing more variety in start positions & terrain, particularly for 8 player maps but also for 2-7 player maps.
14.)      New patterns for more landscape variety (200+)
15.)      Animated trees. They appear to be moving with the wind.
16.)      Animals: wild animals, farm animals and flying birds making the maps more lively.
17.)      All new options are localized in the various available languages.


18.)        Added a small amount of gold to following additional start option : cannons, towers and cannons & howitzers to cover for the initial maintenance cost.
19.)        On 18th century barracks start option: one fewer Log Cabin (4 -> 3) for Ukraine, one fewer 17th barracks for Ukraine (5 -> 4), Algeria and Turkey (4 -> 3)  to not cause issues on small islands maps, where some of these buildings might spawn in water.)
20.)        2 extra towers for the 'towers' start option, Ukraine gets 2 Log Cabins (previously they would get nothing).
21.)        Lowered the number of peasants Turkey/Algeria get on start option 'Army of Peasants', they previously would get many more than any other nation.
22.)        Changed the winter textures to be darker, as opposed to being blinded by the current snow textures.
23.)        Moved the desert landscape option from seasons to landscape.
24.)        Various changes to terrain generation, eg: landscape type 'plain' now is plain and no longer has hills generating on them. Hills generate hills and not plateaus/mountains, etc...


25.)       Fixes to existing random map masks (see list)
26.)       Fixed misdecor7 & 8 having a bad texture (tent texture pointing to wrong file.)
27.)       Fixed desert_plain_medium pattern group error (Generator.cfg &

I got a bit annoyed at the lack of variation in the random maps GSC provided us with. They all look the same. You can tell the game was rushed. But even after a year, it still feels lacklustre in this aspect.

I started working on this mod last winter, but didn't have time to finish it due to work. The constant release of patches didn't help much either, because it meant I had to update more often than spend time on my mod. At the time, I had made a desert and artic option, along with various other map options (no diplo, etc), but GSC added these to the game shortly after, so I scrapped them out of my mod and continued with the other stuff I wanted in the game.

The mod isn't entirely finished yet. This is probably version 40 of the mod, i've spend many hours on it already, but it needs more polishing ( not entirely happy with all the textures yet and the terrain generation can use more tweaking aswell.), but I rather get some feedback and constructive critiscism, to see in which area's the mod needs improvement while I'm still working on it.

The intent of the mod is to bring more variety in map generation, and most additions are optional. This means, you can choose what you want to play. Try out the different options, see what you like. Some combinations of options may appear a bit weird eg; countryside + mountains, others are a match made in heaven. Some are disabled entirely eg: desert+ foresttype: it will always be palm trees on the desert maps. I didn't think a 'countryside' option with farms would fit well on a desert map.

I'm open to more suggestions/ideas/feedback in regards to the terrain generation, if they are feasible and doable, I might look into adding them. I still have plenty of 'things to do/add ' on my list, so if I find time, I hope i'll release a second version of the mod at a later time. (Wild & farm animals are on the top of my list.)

Compability with other mods:
It's unlikely this will be compatible with any 'big' mods, as many files are changed. However, I didn't touch the country scripts, so it all depends on the mod I guess, or if you are a mod creator, ask me if you can incorporate it into your mod.


Some Samples


Rivers (new)

Land maps (no water)


Coastal maps (new)

Lakes (new)





1. Fixes to existing vanilla random map masks:

Startpoints: Some original maps had their start points too close to each other which led to situations under certain start settings on normal maps that were unplayable:
Eg; Start option : 18th century barracks ; nation: Ukraine, Turkey, Algeria; This would put blockhouses and 17th barracks which these nations receive on start in odd places such as in water or outside of the map.
Because of this, the minimum distance to water/corners/edges has to be at least 0,7 cm for each start point.(East-West) Relative to each other at least 1,5 cm; but preferably a lot more or 0 pt games with these start options will lead to blockhouses killing another players' peasants right at start of game. I strongly suggest minimum 2 cm between start points.

List of fixed masks:

2. What's new: 736 new random map masks

Version Changes

NTM v1.2.9.1 : Steam Beta Test version.

Version (12/01/2018)
- Fixed bad texture display on some trees (on taiga) after work transform. (Reported by @Foeurdr , Gal Gadot, Anderson)
- Fixed issue with patterns not loading on choosing 'random' foreststype. (Reported by ???????????)
- Added custom autumn lightning table: less red than previous versions, darker ambient. (Suggested by Przemek_kondor)
- Added longer shadows for autumn maps. (Suggested by Przemek_kondor)
- Added colourtables to & for completions sake.
- Temporary disabled AI treating a river/lakes maps as an 'island/water' map, because it behaves weirdly. It needs a proper setup for these types of maps. (@Foeurdr)
- Fixed new mixed tree patterns/stones spawning on taiga maps around the start position.

Version (17/01/2018)
- Updated to Game version
- Fixed 2 farm patterns having bad decoration trees with no winter textures.
- Added some rubbled decor buildings on countryside & default start option.
- Added few larger tree patterns for countryside start option, it wasn''t having enough of them.

Version (20/01/2018)
- Improved the generation time for the 'black forest' option. Reduced the amount of trees/patterns that were being generated. Still one of the 'longest' generation times, but managed to reduce it by up to 30 seconds. I''ll try to improve more in the next version.
- Added a 'transport only' option for the 'warships' option. Usefull for river/lake maps if you do not want fishboats/warships, but only ferries.
- Added a 'union' additional start option. On choosing a nation it will be paired with one other nation.
(Austria - Hungary; Turkey - Algeria; Spain - Portugal; Venice - Piemonte; Sweden - Denmark; France - Switzerland; Ukraine - Russia; Poland - Prussia; Bavaria - Saxony.
On choosing England you will be paired with Netherlands because not everyone has the scotland dlc, but if you have and you choose Scotland you will be paired with England.
- Added an 'expensive mercenaries' option. They will cost 3 times as much as normal when this option is enabled.
- Added animals: Farm animals (cow, goose, hen, pig, sheep) & wild animals (bear, deer, fox, wild pigs, wolf). You''l find farm animals on the 'country side' maps, and wild animals in forests & plains on the various maps. These bring variety and make the maps more lively.

 Version (26/01/2018)
- Added flying birds (falcon, generic bird, stork) to the random maps who will fly around randomly. You''ll find them on the various maps (except desert).
- Added more decoration patterns on the country side map ('churches with graveyards, castles, rubbled buildings')
- Added 2 new map size options (Medium & Very large) : current options now are : tiny (256), normal(320), medium (400), large (480), very large (560), huge (640).
- Added winter textures to the 'farmhouses' you see on the country side maps.
- Replaced 3 bad new road textures with better one''s matching the buildings decals better, for later use.

Version (08/02/2018)

- Added some extra editor objects (crows:flying and on the ground), horses, donkey
- Reduced the amounts of birds spawning on maps, in some area''s it was too much.
- Tried adding an 'urban' map type with villages, but ended up taking it out as the map generation was taking too long.
- Removed unintended ability for clients to change the seasons in multiplayer (possible cause of failed loading/synch errors). Only the host should be able to change the season.
- Removed ground collision on the flying stork, it could interfere in an annoying way with building placement and is unnecessary.
- Fixed some bad collisions on some of the farms/rubbled buildings.

Thanks to following people for checking some of the translations:

[KGR]-^K[o]K^- - Czech
[GDF]Warren - Polish
Francesco_Cavalli - Italian
Foeurdr - French
Carlos - Spanish
Mark Kandaurov - Ukrainian
Mark Kandaurov - Russian
[1453]Atabey - Turkish
Anderstein - German