13.7. Accessibility Editing
Your map has been created and you can prepare for the game.
The accessibility of map areas is a highly important issue for any map, and this section will give you a hint on how to change map accessibility. First of all, click on the  button, which allows you to adjust the accessibility settings for the map landscape. Thus, you can make inaccessible zones accessible.
The  button turns on the blocking mode. In this mode, left-click with your mouse to make an area under your cursor impassable (it is marked with a red cross).
The  button turns on the unblocking mode. In this mode, left-click to make an area under the cursor passable (it is marked with a green cross). The  button activates the default blocking mode. Left-click with your mouse in this mode to make a map area under your cursor accessible or inaccessible, depending on the relief (deletes red and green crosses).
When editing the accessibility, try to avoid narrow passageways, as units may often become stuck in such places. If a narrow passageway has been created, place flags on either side to make it easier for your units to find their way (the flag is the last element in the list of trees, see section 5).
Crosses and flags are for editing only, and will not be displayed during the game.