Under Construction

1. How to create a vGroup
1. Put down any unit or group of units.
2. Press Control + E : (B) Battle Editor. Select OBJECT: vGroup. Click 'Add new vGroup"
3. A new group will appear under 'no name'. Select the newly added group from the drop down list.
4. Press 'Edit current vGroup'. A new screen will appear:
1. Battle Editor vGroup Editor
2. Fill out the name for the vGroup.
3. Fill out a description for the vGroup.
4. Click OK.
1. Select your named vGroup from the drop down list.
2. Select the units or group of units you want to add to the vGroup.
3. Press "Add sel(ected) units to vGroup"
4. If done properly the vGroup should appear on your units.

2. Adding multiple units/formations to one vGroup
1. Place another group/unit on the map and select it.
2. Click 'Add sel units to vGroup' again to add to the currently selected vGroup.
3. The group information should be updated ( units, number)