Editor Hotkeys

Ctrl + O - display right toolbar 
Ctrl + T - display left toolbar 
Ctrl + I  - display fps ( frames per second ) TopZone, Height, Command Order, X & Y coordinates (also works ingame)
Outline an area and Ctrl + C - create pattern 
Ctrl + V - insert pattern
M - toggle mini-map modes
S - switch between forced blocking, default blocking, forced unblocking modes 
V - toggle map illumination modes 
N - delete an object 
G - screenshot of one screen 
H - screenshot of the whole map 
C - water placing mode (Ctrl + (1-9) - set width of coast)
F - enable / disable fog of war
F2 - texturing mode (hold Ctrl and click on textures to select several) 
F3 - surface changing (Num Pad: '/' - level surface; '-' - lower surface; '+' elevate surface; '*' - smooth surface) 
F4 - stone and deposit placing mode 
F5 - field placing mode 
F6 - relief editing mode 
F7 - remove mountains and rivers 
F8 - tree editing mode 
F7 - set sun glints on water 
F8 - remove sun glints on water 
o1-9 - set a mode/area to implement change within (for all F modes)
Ctrl + Alt + G : show a framework with a division of the map ( GRID ) This can be used for several things, such as aligning issues ,border issues, map division.... It also shows the number which the screen shots will refer to if you press H ( screen shot of the whole map) ( can also be called up in game, though i dont see the point of doing that)