Abbreviations used on internet games

When you join the gamespy internet shell, you will frequently see abbreviations used or certain expression in the titles of the games. These often refer to the settings or rules of the game set –up by the host of the game.

No atw        = no art tower walls

No atws       = no art tower walls ships

No DC          = no diplomatic center

No diplo        = no diplomatic center

No raids        = no attacks/raids/rushes on peasants or attacks on economy where no soldiers are.

No formations  = no formations

No power      = no power nations. This means that certain very strong nations are not allowed in the game. Power nation can depend though on the pt. For example on 0 pt Ukraine is not so much a power nation, compared to Poland or Russia or Austria. On the longer run power nations are : Denmark, Bavaria, Prussia, Ukraine, Poland, Russia. Semi-powers are England, France, Switserland and Hungary. Non-power nations (standard) are Piemonte, Spain, Sweden, Venice, Sweden, …

No hill           = this means you cannot put your soldiers on a hill to engage or defend. This is because standing on a hill yields you a great advantage over the enemy who is not on a hill, since the units standing on the hill will shoot further and the attacking enemy will march slower up to the hill since it is higher ground.

No camp       = this means that once peace time is over you should engage your enemy instead of defending in your camp and waiting.  This is because units that are on defensive “stand ground” order have a bonus over the attacking unit.

FFA               = Free for all. This means the players are free to attack anyone they want.

Teams            = Select the appropriate number before starting the game to form teams. Some players for some reason play 2vs2 games but when you help your opponent they shout 1vs1. 

No teams        = Not the same as FFA. Could be 1vs1. But aswell with 4 players, meaning u fight 1vs1 & 1vs1 then, and the 2 remaining nations fight a 1vs1 then.

Some of these rules may heavily unbalance the game. Since nations were build up along their strengths and weaknesses, rather then the paper-scissor-rock principle. ( See section Nations and their balance), leaving out an option may weaken or cripple a nation in such way that it loses its overall balance and becomes unplayable.(or impossible to win). Then again, it’s up to the host to set his rules.