13.8. Placing Units, Starting Conditions
Once the accessibility has been set, the map is fully prepared for playing. The only thing left to do is to populate it.
In the editor, you can create simple starting conditions for players by allocating a group of peasants to each side, building up towns and fortresses, or placing immense armies.
Click on the  button to turn on the unit placing mode. From the right toolbar, select a colour the created units will belong to. Under the colour bar is a pull-down list of nations you can add to the map. Further below is a list of units and buildings. Select a unit or building you want from the list and click on it with the left mouse button. The selected icon will be framed white. After that, left-click on the map area where you want the object to be placed. If several units are to be set, continue clicking the mouse - each time you click a unit will appear on that spot.   
If a unit or a building does not appear when you click, make sure you have enough resources for creation (if not, add resources using the 'Money' cheat code). A building may not be placed on the map if there are surface irregularities or objects (stones, trees, other buildings) in the way.
n the editor, it is useful to erect buildings with peasants, as in the game itself. You can build walls and palings with peasants only.
If you need to place several units of different colours nearby, you should turn on the peace mode by clicking the  button. If you omit to do this, the units will begin attacking each other. A second click on this button will turn off this mode.
Take into account that when loading such a map, the peace mode must be switched on before the map is loaded. Apart from placing units for each of the opposing sides, initial resources should be set.
The resource setting menu is accessed using the  button. Here you can allocate a set of resources for each side to start the game with. The same sets of resources are given to every side when the map is loaded in the editor.   
If you are considering having the AI control one side in the game, ensure the following conditions have been met for this nation:
Place peasants on the map. Their location will serve as a starting point for the AI to begin building up its base. The starting point should be located in an open area, so that the AI has enough space for building. There should be wood and stone close to the starting point, and at least one deposit of iron and gold. It is best to place 2 deposits of each kind.
Note: The AI develops poorly in enclosed areas. You should also try not to create too narrow passageways on the map. For your AI to work normally you should provide it with a lot of food (about 5000 units).
Note: Minimum amount. You will have to provide each nation with sufficient units, because the game will otherwise be classed as a defeat/victory! This means nations
must have at least 10 units or a peasant each.