Two relatively strong, unique fast cavalry units, the Kuruc and the Mounted Pandur, enable Hungary to take the initiative early in the game. Otherwise, a well balanced choice for any peacetime setting.


  • Peasants have 100% more hitpoints.
  • Unique Musketeers (Pandurs), have 6% more hitpoints, have +2 attack.
  • Hussars (Kuruces) attack 7% faster, have 20% more hitpoints, attack upgrades cost 35% less, defense upgrades cost 40% less.
  • Hussars (Mounted Pandurs) cost 31% less, have 28% more hitpoints (The Mounted Pandur is basically just a Croat with more hitpoints and Hussar-level upgrades).
  • Shipyard repair ship-of-the-line upgrade costs 76% less.
  • 18thc Barracks can be built up to 11% faster with maximum peasants.


  • Unique Musketeers (Pandurs) cost 103% more than the Austrian Pandur, each shot requires +2 iron and coal (200% more), maxrange 800 (6% shorter).
  • Mod: Unique Musketeers (Pandurs) train 140% slower, maxrange 800 (13% shorter).
  • Hussars (Kuruces) cost 82% more, train 32% slower, have -1 attack.
  • Hussars (Mounted Pandurs) train 5% slower, have -1 attack.