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There are 2 versions of Triangulator:

Triangulator.exe: used to view , create & export .GP2 format. (mainly used for HoAe)
TriangulatorTrees.exe: used to view, create & export .g2d format. (mainly used for Alexander & Cossacks II)
The tools itself you can find in the upload~download section of the site.
Why do you need triangulator? To break down .G17 file's in triangles, so it consumes less resources and thus you are able to put more units on a map without consuming too much resources.

1. How to use to view files with Triangulator?
Fire up TriangulatorTrees.exe.
Select File --> Open, select your Data\UnitsG17 folder and load up any .g2d model.
- use the arrowkeys to cycle trough frames
- press W to view mesh, press W again to view the triangles
- press to view without textures, press again to view textures