Applying Textures

Now that you have placed water and eminences, it's time to cover the land with various sorts of territories. Let grass green thrive in valleys, stones cover mountain slopes, and sand lie on the steeps. A set of textures allows you to create the world as you like.
Click the  button to activate the texture mode. In the lower part of the right toolbar a set of various applicable textures appears. The editor allows you to use a blend of different textures, randomly applied from the set indicated. In order to cover an area with a texture, left-click on the texture you want to use (this frames it). Then left-click on the map area to paint the surface under your brush with the texture selected. With the scrollbar located in the right toolbar you can change the size of the brush.
If you want to attain a mix of textures, you can select several by clicking on them while holding down the CTRL button. Numbers will appear in windows of the corresponding textures. These numbers signify the probability of this texture appearing during the filling process. By clicking on a texture with the left mouse button, you can increase the probability of its appearing. Alternatively, you can use the right mouse button to decrease the probability. Having set the required number of textures, fill the area needed by left-clicking. After you have selected your set of textures you can hold down shift and draw 'yellow' action line's to define an area that needs to be filled with these textures.
To preserve your sets of textures, find the special Texture Set list. If you are considering using the set of textures created again at a later date, select a Texture Set with any number and assign it to your set. You can now always select this set of textures from the list. Selective texturing settings will allow you to quickly fill the required areas with textures.
Setting minimal and maximal altitudes enables you to cover all the map areas whose altitude matches the framework set with textures (for instance, mountain peaks), while the other parts of the map will not have this texture applied to them. By setting corners of filling, you can cover slopes and areas alike with certain textures. If you need to fill an area of a complex shape with a texture, hold down the Shift key while you left-click. The cursor will be followed by a line which you must use to encircle the area you want to fill. Clicking with your left mouse button without holding down the Shift key will fill the selected map area.
Sometimes elevations can block your view of areas you want to apply textures to. In this case you can use the flat mode.