Rank / points viewer


So what does the program do ??? 
It allows you to see your personal profile connected with your game statistics, such as rank, points, records of played games if you are not listed in the top 100.

First of all it look ‘s up an email account you want to investigate or a nickname. It will give you a list of all the possible nicknames with their corresponding email account and alternatively you can give in an email address and then you will see all the nicks attached to that email account.

Then, it changes all the statistics in the top-100 to a statistic sheet from a person you are investigating. 

Step 1:  Download the program at our download section. 

Step 2:  Extract the programm to a map you choose (not a cossacks map) ,then open it . 

Step 3:  Open Cossacks and log in, then alt- tab back to the desktop.

Step 4:   Go back to the program. There on the lower right side you will  have a pull down arrow .(1) 
Choose 1.35 when u need to put CD in your computer to play cossacks

Choose NoCD when u can play the game without CD  

Step 5:  Click on "Find Player"(2), a popup will open  
Step 6: First choose if u want to search the scores by nick or by email (4)

 -6.1).  Nickname: (  )

         If u search for a nickname you can find it by typing typing with capitals as well with normal sized letters.
BiGlEtTeRs or not ,it doesn't matter, the rest has to be exactly the same !!!!

Watch out :  in cossack  the  _   can be lots of others things in real like . or ° or % or ...  

 -6.2). email    : just type the CORRECT email from the account you want to search  

Unfortunately it will only give 10(seems to be the limit of the list) ;-) ( Press again)

Step 7: If you have found the good name click on the little red  arrow on the left side of the id number and hit it or copy his/her id-number to player id in main menu from the programm . 
Step 8: Make sure you have the right ID filled in, then click on apply to change your top-100 ,Normally if everything went well, nothing should happen. If you get the ???? popping up Read the FAQ below.
Step 9:Now alt-tab again to cossacks , and go check the top-100 ,select any player in the top 100 list and  you will the stats from the 1 you want :p. However the name on top doesn’t change.

If everything worked well you will get this:
10). Click on restore to set the top-100 back to normal.


          Remark: in some case’s its seems impossible to investigate an email account while you are logged in with that email account. So if you want to look up  you own nick, log in with another email account in to Cossacks to actually do the looking up of the statistics in the top 100.
          If you get question marks, u must read the above steps carefully and retry. They are probably caused by a step you forgot to do, or for example you are trying to use the program while Cossacks is not running. It could as well be that u try to apply an id number with the 1.35 version instead of the no cd version. See step 5.
There are 3 versions of this tool available. A Russian, a German and an English.