Uncommon choice, simple, well balanced for any peacetime setting. If a Venetian player survives the first 10 minutes of a 0pt game, expect an early, strong heavy-cav offensive.


  • Mod: 17thc Musketeers have +7 attack (best in the game).
  • Galleasses have 30% more hitpoints than galleys, maxrange +900 (mortar attack).
  • Cavalry 4x (2x) training time upgrade costs 36% less.
  • Shipyard repair ship-of-the-line upgrade costs 47% less.
  • Houses have 25% more hitpoints.
  • Town Halls have 27% more hitpoints.


  • Mod: 17thc Musketeers cost +24 gold and +15 iron, train 21% slower.
  • Galleasses cost +2000 wood than regular galleys, spend 10x more iron and coal per shot.
  • Advance to 18th Century costs 13% more.