GSC File Utility

1. Installing the GSC File Utility: 
  1. Download & Extract it.
  2. Place it on your desktop.
  3. Then make a few new folders on your desktop ( Work structurized !!!)
    1. To place the gsc utility in, this will be your working map for file extraction and generation
    2. To place the your newly modified files in it
    3.  To place a copy of back to war ( back up if you like) to test with.
If you get a missing component error : comdlg32.ocx or comctl32.ocx
 -download here- or find them in the All GSC ToOol Pack version 1.01
  1. Download these components and place them in your Windows/System32 folder.
  2. Next go to run or cmd and type : regsvr32 comdlg32.ocx        
  3. It should tell you that the component has been succesfully installed
  4. If you are on Vista or Windows 7, you should go to the windows arch and type cmd in the search bar , when it appears in the list, right click on it, and run as admin. Only then you can register these files.

2. Extracting File's with the GSC File Utility:
  1. Run the Gsc Utility. Read the included read me file for basic information.
  2. Select File Extractor, and tick extract as "+” if you want all the files not to appear in subfolders.
  3. Alternate decrypting algorithm: default. (If you have a Russian Version, select "Scheme01".)
  4. Select Open File and select your all.gsc file from your copy on your desktop of back to war. Files will appear in the list.
  5. Press Select all. (or select only a few files if you know what you are looking for).
  6. Press Extract. This might take some time as there are many files to extract. It took about 10 minutes on my computer to do the job.
  7. When this process has finished it will give you a message that the files were exctracted succesfully at the bottom of the utility.
  8. Then go to the extracted folder in your GSC utility folder. There you will find all the different files that are contained in ALL.GSC.



3. Packing up modified files with GSC Utility
  1. Once you have modified your files run gsc utility again.
  2. Select File Generation mode.
  3. Insert the name of the file (mods01.gs1, mods02.gs1, mods.gs1, patch01.gs1, patch02.gs1)
  4. Press Generate.
  5. Find your newly created file inside the "generated" folder where your gsc utility is installed.
  6. Copy and paste your file inside the data directory of your test game.
  7. Run dmcr.exe to test your mod.