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This is one powerfull tool. Take's a while to get used to everything and the huge amount of options and various possible combinations.
You may first want to read the third part 'Learning to use the dialogs Editor' of "your first mod" here to get used to some basics and get a quick idea what is possible with this editor.
It is far to much to work to sum up all the possible combinations and what every button is for so you will have to experiment a bit and as always save often, test frequently and keep back ups of everything to revert to.
- Clicking on the + sign to expand the treeview sometimes results in a crash, its better to click on the screen itself or use the coloured bars in the editor menu.
- Clicking on the various dialogs on screen and then using the arrow keys will move stuff around. Using shift+arrow keys will resize the various dialogs.
- Selecting the dialogs and then right clicking on the various dialogs on the screen will reposition the dialog.
- Holding down shift + right clicking on the various dialogs will resize the dialogs.
- Control + C will copy a child dialog, Control + V will paste the copied dialog.

Let's try out some more changes.
We will do some change's to the loading menu.
LOAD Data\Dialogs\MM\Loading.Dialogsystem.xml
Click on the loading bar, it will immediately open the appropriate child dialogue.
In the lower options menu, open up the Simple Papa. Expand the action and tick the % option. This will overwrite the 'loading...pls wait' message and show the loading percentage.
Next we will make the hints section transparent so you see the background picture. Click on it to select the appropriate child dialogue or select the childdialogue in the editor. Make sure to select the GP Picture and not it's childdialogue wich is for the text itself. Then in the options menu go down to ColorParams.
Adjust the white value so it become's more transparant.
Next we will change the font of the text to something different. Click on the text on the screen or select the childdialogue in the editor. In the options select a different font for Activefont and a different one for Passivefont, this means on hoovering over the text it will change appearance.
Then hit the tickbox on top next to colorfonts. Your text will dissapear for a moment, untill you use the rgb sliders below to fine tune the color of the font.
For a last change we will use a different background picture to load. You could ofcourse replace the picture itself in the Data\Interf3\Background folder by replacing it with another picture with the same name. Or you could just put your own picture in that folder with any name you like without overwriting the existing one. Who knows you might want to use that one for something else.
So I already put one in there to test with a size of 1024x768, because that's the default loading resolution for the game.
Click anywhere on the screen to select the appropriate GPPicture dialog or select it in the menu. In the options menu you will see a preview.Click in the bar above it where it's directing to the file itself. Direct the path to the folder where you put your own customized picture in, hit v and done.
Time to save your work on the top save button next to the dialogsystem. Esc. Exit. Reload and see if the changes are fine.

I'll write some more when i got time or feel like it ;-) 


Actions (SimplePapa)
List of all possible predefined actions:
 -Old style
 EW2 Camp Stats
 RND Map
 Hero buttons
 Show preview
 Game Room
 Profile EW2
 SP Brigade

Create New Actions
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