Under construction

1. Select Mouse moving mode ( F9 ) and press CTRL + F8 to access the additional objects menu.
2. Set the slider to 0 and pick the bridges from the drop down menu.
3. Select the desired bridge part.
4. Place the bridge parts on the map.
Note: these particular bridge parts sink in the land and align with eachother, therefor these are the best choice to create bridges.
1. Select the raise hills button in the toolbox or press F3.
2. Hold down control and left click to carve out the river
1. Smooth the sharp edges of the terrain with the plateau tool.
2. Place textures and factures on your bridge.
3. Build roads over your bridge.
- This is one method to build bridges. I find this one the easiest. Another method is after already having created your rivers, to use the smooth tool to level the river again and then build the bridge parts on it.
- There are other bridge piece's (wood,...), these are not so easy to place, as they move with the terrain and show up weird. Especially the full bridge, requires a lot of terrain levelling because it builds on top of the terrain.

!!Save often!!