Installing Cossacks Mod Tools 

Make sure you have at least one working version of Cossacks / American Conquest installed on your computer.

The different tools to download can be found under our

A short description of the tools & their use: 
  • GSC UTILITY : Unpacks & packs .gsc & .gs1 file's
  • GSC Arch: Unpacks & packs .gp file's
  • GP Regenerator: allows you to fix the national colour which turns blue after extraction with GPView (similar to Palitra)
  • GSC File Renamer : Batch renaming of file's with folder headers
  • Palitra: Recouloring of nation colour after extracting the .gp files
  • MD 3DBARS Editor: allows you to visually set up the 3DBARS string for buildings
  • MD TOOL (pix.Exe): allows you to visually setup buildpoints, lockpoints, fire and smoke points for the MD file s in buildings
On how to install and use the various tools, I refer to the subpages in the site menu.