Unit Ability Editor

Under Construction

Another powerfull tool that can be accessed by pressing CTRL +E in the map editor. This one allows you to setup various abilities which a unit /building can posess. You then define those in the corresponding .md file you desire to do so.
In the default version a few abilities have already been set up, but there are plenty that aren't been used, and some are quite interesting.
A lot of the things can be achieved by using upgrades in the .nds file's, but here's the nice thing about this editor : You can also call on the nds upgrade's from here trough certain abilities ( nation bonus,...) and give them even more complexity then you would ever be able to do with just using the [UPGRADE] section in the .nds file's.
I'll cover the possibilities and give an example of how to set up a new ability. The rest really is up to your own imagination.
- For those that have Alexander, you may want to have a look there aswell, there's plenty of good example's of most of the abilities.
- By pressing CTRL + SHIFT + W you access the WEAPONSYSTEM: ABILITIES, which holds exactly the same options. Just the interface looks different.
- Remember(insert link to essentials), ctrl+c & ctrl +v save's you a lot of time doing entries in these in game editors.

*VampiricAbility (rawr)
Each of these abilities has various options, which is too much to list, but most are straight forward. A lot of the options are quite similare, some have more then others. Just use logic and try out things.

Let's create a "hero"'general' unit.
First of all, copy an .md file ( clone it), give it a new name both inside the file as the md name. Add it to nmlist and add it to a nation of your choice. Make sure you can access the unit and no other errors are present at this stage.
Next, open up the Ability Editor, and add a new entry at the bottom by choosing RomeHero from the drop down list.
Give it an appropriate name ( eg FrnNapoleon)
Select the visible option ( tick)
Set the FileID & Sprite ( Icon)
In "Physical Characteristics" (green bar) select at the bottom 'Is hero' (tick)
Next, go to the md file and add the entry
ABILITY FrnNapoleon
The second entry has to be the name of your ability you just set up.
Test in editor. to see if the ability icon shows up as being a hero.
Now all you have is a hero. What can you do with this? You can use it for the victory condition VC_Annihilate Hero on creating skirmish maps trough 'Map Options'. Or you can use it if you enable 'Random Map Mode', then you need to set this unit up in UnitTypeGroup as well ( for more information-click here).
Or you could choose to set up more abilities that are only for this hero unit.
You can also setup multiple ABILITY line's for this unit if you like, simply add them to your md file after you have set them up in the unit ability editor.