Under construction

1. In the battle editor menu choose OBJECT : Settings
2. Choice to change the color of the vGroups
3. Choice to change the colors of the Eges
4. Choice to change the colors and style of the nodes
5. Clicking on fEDITWCP loads a new screen with Presentation Mask Editor. No idea what it is for.
6. Clicking on fMISS_SET opens a new window:
1. Mission Settings
2. Choice to add a zone where a specific nation can not build
3. Fill out the nation value (0= nation 1, 1=nation 2,...)
4. Select the zone from the drop down list. On how to set up Zones I refer here.
5. You can also use nodes, if you tick this box, then you can choose a node under 4. For setting up nodes i refer here.
6. The menu with "EXPERIENCE" & "Set Default Experience Alexander" is , well for another game. Can only be used if the game is modified to allow for this.