Cossacks I F.A.Q.

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F.A.Q. ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. The game starts, goes to a black screen then either returns to game menu or back to Windows Desktop. You can also receive an error message reporting file DMCR.EXE 
We have found that by renaming the game's Video folder to Video1 the problem is resolved.

Unfortunately the Video will not be shown at the start of the game.
The game folder is C:\program files\Cossacks\video
Q . Which are the hardware requirements?

Minimum: Pentium 200, 32 MB Ram, 1 MB video card, 200 MB available harddisk space, 8x CD-Rom, sound card
Recommended: Pentium 266, 64 MB RAM, 4 MB video card or higher.

Q . For which platforms is Cossacks available?

So far, Cossacks can be played with Win95/98/2000/ME and Windows NT. On more recent platforms such as XP, it runs aswell and Vista users may have certain problems  in launching the game. However with the proper setup and administrator rights the game should work aswell. What the new Windows Platform will bring in 2010 is unknown. I have been able install the game on Windows 7 and even though there is a problem with the colors displaying, a solution to avoid this can be found by shutting down explorer.exe. Hopefully this will be fixed in the final release in October 2009.
Q . What can I do if I get a "DirectDrawError” message ?

This error message says that there is a problem with your video card, thus the game can’t be started. The reason for this could be that either your monitor or your video card doesn’t support a resolution above 800 x 600. Actually Cossacks demands a resolution of at least 1024 x 786. There is also a patch with a new ddraw.dll and information about this can be found here.

Q. Where can I find up to date drivers ? or search at for specific manufacturers releases

Q. What can I do if I got problems under WinNT 4.0

It could be that the game will not start, then it is recommended to install service pack 6 for WinNT, this should resolve all problems.

Q. What to do if you get a blue screen ?

There occurred an error in your VxD file [virtual device driver], which could be caused by a video card or an audio device conflict. Commonly this depends on the installed device driver. Conclusion: Delete the movie files in your Cossacks folder. Upgrading to Windows Media Player 7 is always a good solution.

Q. What can I do if the soundeffects are missing ?

Please try to reduce the sound channels with included tool Soundconfig.exe in the Cossacks directory.

Q. I can’t install the game, what can I do ?

You can install manually, extract the csetup.pkg which you´ll find on your Cossacks cd.

Q. Do I have the ability to delete saved games ?

Yes, open the explorer and delete the .sav files in your Cossacks folder. Important: Do not delete the auto.sav file.

Q. How to open/host an internet game ?

1st Establish an Internet connection
2nd Start Cossacks
3rd Choose multiplayer and enter your name
4th Either choose deathmatch or historical battles
5th Choose Internet game
6th Click on host or join game
7th Choose a game
Please check your firewall and router settings if installed.

Q. Which online services, offer the ability to play Cossacks ?

You can play Cossacks over Gamespy.
You can play Cossacks over GameRanger

Q. Which ports do I have to enable/unlock to play Cossacks online ?

(refers to Router,Firewall or Network)
Please enable/unlock the following ports and you also need a static IP adress:

Ports for GameSpy:

6667 (IRC)
80 (HTTP)
3783 (Voice Chat Port)
27900 (Master Server UDP Heartbeat)
28900 (Master Server List Request)
29900 (GP Connection Manager)
29901 (GP Search Manager)
13139 (Custom UDP Pings)

Ports for DirectPlay:

Initial TCP Connection 47624 Outbound 47624 Inbound
Inbound TCP Connections 2300-2400 2300-2400, Outbound TCP Connections 2300-2400 2300-2400
Inbound UDP Connections 2300-2400 2300-2400 , Outbound UDP Connections 2300- 2400 2300-2400
Q . How to set up a static internal Ip adress:
Have a look at this youtube tutorial. It explains it quite well:
This is for Vista, just google or run a You tube search on static Ip's.
Alternatively call your ISP and demand a static IP adress. Do not let them charge you for this!!! Ask for an internal static IP.

Q. How to optimise my internet connection ?

The standart TCP/IP settings of windows 95/98/NT are often not correctly configured, that’s why it is recommended to install an internet optimiser.

Q. Security information

Some users reported about, illegal transactions and attemps to get access to their systems.
What can I do to avoid this ?
1st Install a firewall
2nd Change the Internet access password regulary
3rd Win98 and WinMe user have to disable file and printer approval
Another possibility is, to use an official proxy server, helpful information you´ll find at