Patch Notes

Patch Notes 21.06.18 (
New features:
1. It's possible to trade resources between players from same team and players without team. Button is active in multiplayer and random map modes after 15 minutes of game time has passed.
2. Hotkeys may be remapped in settings.
3. New starting options:
- Village. Allows starting the game with Town center, two houses, blacksmith, stables, XVII century barracks.
- XVII century barracks. Allows starting the game with blacksmith, two XVII century barracks and two log cabins.
- Log cabins. Allows starting the game with four log cabins.
- Union. Allows starting the game with allied nation's peasants. (8 selected nation's peasants and 8 allied nation's peasants)
- Expensive mercenaries. (mercenaries prices are tripled)
4. New random map types: Coastal, Lakes, Rivers.
5. New panel in internet shell, showing top clans and players on server. Clan's best five players among top-100 are used to determine the top clans.
6. New 'Train woodworkers' upgrade in port, allowing to repair all the ships.
7. 'Profile' button has been moved to 'Settings'
8. New 'Encyclopedia' button in main menu. You may check all nations and units basic, fully upgraded and additional (detailed info on upgrades) data.
9. You may find fixed (non-customizable) hotkeys descriptions in 'Settings' now.
10. Towers shooting from behind the walls aren't hitting their owner's walls. You may efficiently build towers behind the walls now
11. Total amount of spectators has been increased.

1. Port's hp decreased from 65000 to 50000.
2. 'Use new construction materials' upgrade will not affect port's protection no more.
3. Galley's hp decreased from 50000 to 35000.
4. Ship of the Line's hp increased from 65500 to 95000.
5. Galley's gold consumption increased by 33%.

1. Improved stability of multiplayer games.
2. Fixed an error, causing frequent disconnects at 23:59:59.
3. Improved support of various old savegames.
4. Fixed 1 frame delay during units' selection using selection marquee or hotkeys. It was detectable on low fps
5. Fixed an error, causing incorrect work of 'Design new rigging types' upgrade.
6. Fixed an error, causing an inability to order group of peasants to move inside of several available mines in multiplayer.
7. Fixed an error, causing inaccurate prices of boats in multiplayer.
8. Fixed an error, causing inaccurate workers and idle peasants counter display in multiplayer along with their distribution among various resources.
9. Fixed an error, causing desynchronization of 'Stand ground' state in multiplayer. Clients have correct visual display of this state now.
10. Fixed an error, causing improper processing of 'Show collisions' hotkey.
11. Fixed an error, causing incorrect random map game's launch after playing a multiplayer game.
12. Fixed one of the errors, causing crashes in long games. Replay recording would be stopped, in case there isn't enough free RAM.
13. Mines generation process in 2x2 games on small maps has been changed. Mines are generated closer to player's spawn point and aren't generated on enemies territory no more.
14. Fixed an error, causing last player of brown color to have no famine and gain control over rebelling mercenaries, while disabling capturing the buildings.
15. Fixed an error, causing to show an empty room, while joining the room.
16. Fixed an error, causing incorrect mission list display after quitting to main menu from mission.
17.Added three spectator slots, which are closed by default.
18. Many small bugs and errors were fixed.



Patch Notes 16.01.18 (

1. Ranked games points calculation has been changed:
- First player to leave, before the end of peace time receives a penalty to his score and defeat, even if his team has won the match.
- Any player who'd leave after the first one, won't receive any penalties.
- Leaving the game after peace time is over won't net a penalty. Points would be granted according to team's performance during the match.
- Player, who has got an ally leaver before the peace time was over, won't receive any defeat penalty, but will get victory points, in case he'd win.
2. Fixed errors, which prevented player from receiving points after the match is over.
3. Changed the mechanism of ranking in multiplayer. It's easier to get promotion to higher ranks now and players are distributed more evenly on ranking scale.
4. Matchmaking algorithm for quick games has been improved.
5. Fixed a rare error, causing nonmirror matches. Earlier, it was possible to have a Poland+Poland vs Turkey+Turkey matchup, instead of even nation distribution between teams.
6. Multiplayer games stability has been improved. Fixed some errors causing the game to 'hang up'.

1. European and Switzerland pikeman protection against arrow decreased from 7 to 6.
2. Mercenary roundshier protection against arrow decreased from 19 to 17.
3. Mercenary archer normal arrow attack range increased from 650 to 700.
4. Mercenary grenadiers grenade attack range increased from 370 to 400.
5. Shipyards cost rise per building increased from 0% to 50%.
6. European shipyards cost decreased from 1700 wood, 900 stone, 400 iron to 1600 wood, 800 stone, 400 iron.
7. Russian, Turkish and Ukrainian shipyards prices were also slightly decreased.
8. Academy upgrades that increase artillery attack range, hit points, and repair now also have effect on mortars.
9. Various nations temple, church, cathedral, mosque prices was slightly reworked/decreased.
10. Turkish archer minimal attack range decreased from 400 to 300

1. Added 15 minutes of peace time (PT) option.
2. Slight redesign of main menu and campaign's interfaces.
3. Added "Tutorial" button, which starts corresponding tutorial campaign.
4. Small fixes in various localizations have been made.


Patch Notes 20.10.17 (

- Fast moving cavalry have +5 extra defence against bullets while moving.
- Bullet critical hit doesn't trigger on moving fast cavalry units.
- Multibarrel cannons have twice larger logical size, so it is easier to destroy them with artillery.
- Multibarrel cannons limit was changed from 5 to 3 per artillery depot.
- 18 century shooters without bayonnete production speed increased from 15-20%.
- 18 century dragoons production speed increased from 7-17%.
Next changes to food and stone prices were applied in previous patch:
- Food selling price was decreased by ~15%.
- Stone selling price was increased by ~8%.

Light Infantry
- Attack damage increased from 15 to 16.
- Won't have +2/+2 formation bonus anymore.

- Attack damage increased from 24 to 25.
- They won't have +2/+2 formation bonus anymore.
- Attack range changed from 350-650 to 300-750 (min-max attack range).

Bug fixes:
1. Fixed bug, allowing player was able to earn gold by ordering production of mercenary units (when they have already maxed price) and canceling production.
2. Tuned AI market resource exchange policy, for better base developing.
3. Tuned AI player to better constuct shipyards on island maps.
4. Fixed rare bug with uncontrolable formation in historical battles.

Players communication:
1. Private messages were reworked. Now you are able to send private messages without /w (/whisper) command! You may just click on player in list (located on right to the chat window), or on hisher message in chat window in order to write directly to him, as writing nickname correctly for each message was hindering communications.
2. Message filter. You may filter all messages with next options:
a) Show all messages;
b) Show only your messages along with messages sent to you.
Forget about missed opportunites on playing interesting battles with your friends, just because their messages were 'lost' in global chat, just use a "Private messages" checkbox in upper right corner of chat window.
3. Instant inputbox's addressee clearing: after reaching ':' symbol before his nickname: just press the Backspace button twice.
4. You won't be wasting time on clearing message anymore: just press button "Clear" (located under the chat window), and you'd be ready to write a "Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks". Reminder: you may delete your message with 'Escape' button too.
We hope, that this chat update would allow you, cossackers, to find and create lots of great multiplayer battles!

Developer comments:
1. Changes in market prices should move focus from food to stone in middle and late game. Now, food economy was dominating most part of the game.
2. Most of 18 century dragoons was less powerful then their 17 century brothers. We tried to change it and give 18 century better chances, but with much greater price to produce enough power.
3. Most of 18 century shooters with out bayonnete was less powerful against general musketeers and don't have chance to play its unique features with higher bullet damage but more fragile against any melee enemy unit.
4. We have removed formation bonus for mercenary infantry, while increase base damage, for units that don't use officers to form squad. We find this feature non-challenging while it give quite unpredictable advantage. Removing such bonus made these mercenary units power predictable .


Patch Notes 21.07.17 (

1. Improved game's initial loading. Now the game's waiting for all players to load. Prior to patch, it was possible for a player with less performant PC to load slightly later than other players.
2. Improved units locations synchronization in multiplayer games.
3. New astonishing backgrounds on game's loading screens.
4. Added new hotkeys, to complement existing ones:
Shift+(1-0) - binds a number to a group of units, adding units to an existing on this number group
5. New 'Free camera' option in settings, which allows to disable un-zoom constraints. Attention! as enabling this option may have negative impact on game performance.

1. Fixed a rare error, rendering DLCS invisible for game, even when user owned them.
2. Fixed an error, which prevented players from building one of the mines in second mission of Turkey campaign.
3. Fixed an error with medicine upgrade, which was increasing max hp for other nations units.

Huge thanks to mr. Madgeek for his ZoomOut mod, which was the most popular Cossacks 3 mod in Steam Workshop and our inspiration. Also, we're grateful to Shoneks, for invaluable help on implementing hotkeys with addition of units to existing group. The today's patch wouldn't be so great without you!


Patch Notes 14.06.17 (

1. Increased food harvesting speed by 15% (1 field holds more concurrently working peasants now).
2. Mine upgrades cost has been decreased.
3. Academy food upgrades costs have been decreased.

1. Resource prices regenerate (restore to their former values) much faster now.
2. Stone and wood prices has been increased. Wood is more valuable than stone now.

New features:
1. Random and multiplayer games options now include fixed speed options.
2. Random and multiplayer games options now include population limit options.
3. Critical hit mechanics has been reworked. Now, critical chance concludes 4%. Critical hit adds random damage (from 0 to 400). Units with high health would die less frequently, than infantry.
4. Now, you can form squads starting from 15 soldiers.

Palisade (wooden wall):
1. Protection increased from 15 to 95. Now it can hold some time against archers, but grenades are still highly effective.

1. Ships construction speed upgrade increases construction speed in 5 times instead of 10.
2. Ships are constructed twice as fast now.
3. Ships construction prices are lowered.

1. Fixed wood resource gathering on desert maps.
2. Improved game`s performance for large quantities of heavy sipahis on screen.
3. Fixed achievements: Frantic struggle, Uneven chances, Surrounded at all sides.
4. Fixed Stand Ground error for shooters. When you commanded to move&attack to point, shooters often didn`t attacked enemies. And, when they reached destination point, they weren`t attacking units located too far, when they had enemy units nearby. Now, when shooter has Stand Ground order he looks for target he`s able to attack.
5. Fixed an error, which caused incorrect display of buildings hit points on client PCs. There were mines, which were looking damaged, and players were unable to order peasants to repair this mine or get inside. Shipyards, standing still with 0 hp, while not exploding were fixed too.

1. XVIII century upgrade cost decreased.
2. Balloon upgrade cost increased from 1750 gold to 5750 gold, to compensate lower 18th century upgrade cost.
3. Bayonet upgrades (academy ones) costs have been decreased.
4. Changed firepower upgrades in Academy. Costs changed from 6000, 7000, 12000, 21000 gold to 5000 iron, 4000 gold, 7000 gold, 11000 coal.
5. Added both cuirass upgrades for Turkey (effects heavy sipahi).

1. Stables, 18th century barracks, artillery depot costs decreased.
2. Artillery depot requires academy now (stables aren`t required anymore).
3. Construction time for stone and wooden walls has been lowered (33% approximately).
4. 18th century barracks construction time decreased by 20%.
5. Cannon`s reload time for cannister shot and cannonball shot is the same now.

Patch Notes 16.05.17 (


1. Market changes. Penalties for second, third and other players, who began to trade later are lessened.
Market tests:
5000 coal to wood
3000 iron to stone
1000 gold to food.
Trade results for first, second, third player before changes:


new rates after fix:

In old version, third player got 1610 wood, 1155 food, 735 stone less then first player. In new version, third player got 560 wood, 410 food, 220 stone less then first player.

2. Reverse trade fixed
OLD VERSION Sell 1 000 000 stone for 158000 gold. Now the new price for 1 000 000 stone is 84800 gold. Perform reverse trading, sell 5000 gold to stone. Now, the new price for 1 000 000 stone is 159700 gold. Profit for 2 000 000 stone = 312 700 gold

NEW VERSION Sell 1 000 000 stone for 158000 gold. Now the new price for 1 000 000 stone is 89800 gold. Perform reverse trading, sell 5000 gold to stone. Then the new price for 1 000 000 stone is 115000 gold. Profit for 2 000 000 stone = 268 000 gold As you can see, profit for first 1 000 000 is the same, but next sales provide less resources as it should be and reverse sales won't backdoor this rule.

3. Potential cheating possibility with changing base game scripts fixed.
4. Player with changed scripts now are unable to play in multiplayer, now only players with identical scriptsmods are able play with each other.
5. Stone cost of blacksmith decreased from 50 to 30 (good for low starting resources).

1. Fixed error with AI, which disabled his progressing on 1000 resources options.
2. AI is working better on 5000 resources now.
3. Fixed bug with AI Assistant, when he was able to trade resources on millions starting option.


Patch Notes 05.05.17 (

1. Implemented algorithm to search for proper place to construct a building, if current position is unavailable. Now the game would propose to use proper place nearby
2. Campaign units stats were corrected, in correspondence to latest rebalance patch.
3. Transport ship`s movement speed increased on 25%, transport capacity increased from 80 to 120 units
4. Added new hotkey for pause , for keyboards without Pause key: Ctrl+Shift+P
5. Decreased game, save loading and map generation times for some users, especially while running the game on slow hard drives

AI Adviser (function from DLC Guardians of the Highlands):
1. Fixed an error, which caused adviser to place too much guards.
2. Fixed an error, which caused lags in very long games with adviser.

1. Fixed errors in wrong display of resources on resource panel.
2. Fixed an error, which allowed to exceed artillery limits.
3. Achievements for destroying 10 and 100 buildings (The destroyer and The scourge of God) are now functioning properly.
4. Improved an AI for Turkey and Algeria. Fixed an error, which caused his inability to progress on island maps, and irrational resource collection peasants distribution.
5. Fixed an error, when after pressing surrender button player's units and buildings kept living for long time. Now base destruction is being processed faster.

Units balance:
17th century musketeer - Poland:
- Production time decreased from 6 to 5 sec

Winged Hussar - Poland:
- Bullet protection increased from 4 to 5

- Bullet protection increased from 5 to 6.

- Sword protection increased from 3 to 4
- Bullet protection increased from 9 to 10

Cavalry guard - Saxony:
- Bullet protection increased from 8 to 9

Multibarrel cannon:
- Multibarrel cannons now can form squads (formation type - line, like howitzer).

Changed cannonball protection for armored units. Now resistance to cannonball fragments damage is more closely tied to units visual armor.

Buildings balance:
1. Changed construction cost and next building cost multiplier coefficient for 17th century barracks:
- Next building cost multiplier decreased from 10 times to 5 times.
- Increased gold cost from 300 to 500

In practice, first 4 barracks had next costs:
100 wood, 100 stone, 300 gold
1000 wood, 1000 stone, 3000 gold
10000 wood, 10000 stone, 30000 gold
100000 wood, 100000 stone, 300000 gold

New costs:
100 wood, 100 stone, 500 gold
500 wood, 500 stone, 2500 gold
2500 wood, 2500 stone, 12500 gold
12500 wood, 12500 stone, 62500 gold

This change should increase european nations dynamics and variety of game styles.
2. Changed building cost and next building cost multiplier for Castle (Scotland)
- Next building cost multiplier decreased from 4 times to 3 times
- Changed cost from 300 wood, 400 stone, 5000 gold to 500 wood, 2000 stone, 4000 gold.


Patch Notes 24.02.17 (


1. Hosts' ranks are now displayed in the shell's room list.
2. The ranked score is now displayed alongside their names in lobbies.
3. Players can now see their position in the ladder, even if they are not in the top 100.
4. Fixed an issue when a multiple players spawned at the same spot.
5. Fixed the ""uncontrollable"" units, that ignored orders and didn't receive any damage from enemy attacks.
6. Fixed an error when the session's season wasn't displayed correctly to all players in the room.
7. Fixed a bug, that caused huge lags on naval maps and resulted in desynchronizations.
8. Fixed rank display in the multiplayer mode.
9. Players are now sorted above the mini-map: players from the same team are displayed together, different teams are separated by a line, while players without a team are listed last, "


1. Spanish and polish localizations are now available for Rise to Glory DLC.
2. Fixed some typos and errors in English and Ukrainian localizations.


1. Fixed a bug, when recently produced units that were moving to their gathering point would lose their order if they encounter a hostile unit.
2. Fixed the Access Violation error that often recurred in 20-30 minutes after starting a match, loading of a save, or exiting to the main menu. Unfortunately, save games with this error are unfixable.
3. ""Surrender"" button now works correctly in singleplayer missions.
4. Fixed an error with galleys, when they refused to attack a building if the target was in between the ranges of their first and second cannons.
5. Ships now won't sail on land.
6. Fixed lighting, now the map won't get too bright if you hover over to the lower left corner.
7. Fixed the animation of artillery, that occurred after loading up a save file.
8. Fixed a glitch that allowed to order multiple upgrades simultaneously, despite paying only for one.
9. The name of the Bavarian musketeer is now displayed correctly.
10. Fixed a number of errors with player separation above the mini-map."

Changes to the economy:

1. An academy is now required to produce units in the diplomatic center.
2. Reduced the mine upgrade speed from 15.5 seconds to 9 seconds.

Changes to unit balance:

TL;DR: Nerfed elite musketeers, rebalanced damage of bayonets, overhaul to hired grenadiers and all 18th century gunners.

Grenadier (mercenary)
- fire power increased from 4 to 18
- Increased reloading time from 3.4 seconds to 3.75
- Slightly increased the bayonet attack range
- Increased cost of shot from 1 iron/3 coal to 3 iron/4 coal
- Increased the grenade's damage from 110 to 200
- Pauses between grenade throws of a hired grenadier is 0.33 times bigger than of the usual one
- Increased gold consumption from 20 to 25 pieces
- Decreased the range of fire from 850 to 750

Musketeer 18c
- decreased the melee damage from 18 to 10

Musketeer 18c (Prussia)
- decreased melee damage from 22 to 12
- fire power decrease from 55 to 35
- decreased the price from 240 to 200
- increased coal consumption from 1 to 3 coal per shot

Musketeer 18c (Bayern)
- decreased melee damage from 9 to 6
- fire power decrease from 55 to 35
- increased the price from 35 to 160
- increased coal consumption from 1 to 3 coal per shot
- decreased the production time from 7.03 to 5.62 seconds
- decreased the damage that melee upgrade granted from 2/3/4/5/6/10 to 1/1/1/1/1/1

Musketeer 18c (Denmark)
- decreased melee damage from 18 to 10
- fire power decreased from 60 to 40
- decreased the price from 195 to 160
- increased coal consumption from 1 to 3 coal per shot
- increased the production time from 4.69 to 7.03 seconds

Musketeer 18c (Saxony)
- decreased melee damage from 12 to 6
- increased the price from 35 to 50 gold

- decreased melee damage from 22 to 20
- increased HP from 100 to 120
- increased the production time from 4.69 to 5.62 seconds

Grenadier (Prussia)
- decreased melee damage from 28 to 25

Grenadier (Bavaria)
- decreased melee damage from 20 to 15
- fire power increased from 14 to 15
- increased the production time from 4.69 to 5.62 seconds

Grenadier (Denmark)
- increased melee damage from 23 to 25
- increased the production time from 4.69 to 5.62 seconds

Grenadier (Saxony)
- fire power increased from 15 to 16
- increased the production time from 4.21 to 4.69 seconds

Chasseur (France)
- increased the maximum range of fire from 800 to 1050
- increased the reloading time from 2.8 to 5.6 seconds
- decreased HP from 85 to 75

Highlander (England)
- decreased the maximum range of fire from 850 to 800
- increased the reloading time from 2.8 to 5.75 seconds
- increased HP from 100 to 125

Pandur (Austria)
- increased the reloading time from 2.8 to 3.44 seconds

Patch Notes 14.01.17 (

Main Changes

1. The global population limit has been increased to 32 000 units per map (2x bigger in comparison to the previous limit).
2. The game now properly scales UI on 4k monitors.
3. The game now properly scales UI on low-resolution monitors.
4. After finishing or exiting a story mission the game will go back to the campaign screen now.
5. Fixed animations of sails and paddles.
6. Improved the building allocation mechanism, now players can place buildings closer to trees.
7. Lobby settings now get saved in the multiplayer shell as well.
8. Fixed an error in the enemy detection mechanism, which made units ignore their closest targets and allowed them to continue following their previous enemy.
9. Fixed an exploit that allowed players to destroy enemy’s walls by blowing up unfinished foundations of walls near them.
10. Enhanced controls over a group of formations. If one of the formations is looking into opposite direction that the others or it is far away from other, then all of them will be regrouped and placed close to each other. Formations can now immediately reverse their movement, when the player commands them to go into an opposite direction to the one they are facing.
11. Set resource delivering priority to warehouse and town hall is now the same for peasants. Prior to this change peasants prioritized warehouse as a place where to deliver gathered resources.
12. The mercenary dragoon units from Early Bird edition now share the price (and inflation rate) with common mercenary dragoons.
13. You can now select ships in the same way, as land units. You can do so by using a combination of Ctrl + Q keys
14. General optimization of the game has been imporved.


1. Fixed a bug that caused crashes during autosaves and manual saves in campaigns for some users.
2. Fixed a crash in the fifth mission of the Austrian campaign, that was caused by a mission trigger with the ships.
3. Fixed some problems with path finding. This issue had a chance of occurring in any mission, but was frequently encountered in the first Russian and third Polish campaign missions.


1. Now when you send a formation or a group of formations to a new location with a Ctrl key held down, they will maintain their orientation.
2. You can now order 100 units of any kind by holding Ctrl + Alt and clicking on their icon in the appropriate building. (you can cancel the command by clicking RMB on the icon again)
3. You can now order infinite construction queue of the same unit in 5 different buildings by selecting them and holding Ctrl + Shift and clicking on the appropriate icon. (you can cancel the command by clicking RMB on the icon again)


1. Fixed an error, that caused case shot to deal significantly lower damage.
2. Fixed a bug, that caused a wall that player was planning to build to change to the another player's type of wall, which he was constructing at that moment
3. Fixed a rare bug with map generator, that allowed the game to spawn 2 players on the same spot.
4. Fixed an issue with 18th century officer attack upgrade.
5. Fixed an issue with king’s musketeer defense upgrade.
6. Wall foundations that have less than 1/3 of HP will now automatically self-detonate when any unit will try to approach them (previously this affected only military units).
7. Fixed a bug, that caused map settings to reset in a saved game.
8. Fixed an error, which occured in a situation when the game’s language options in Steam and in-game differed and caused texts to appear with wrong localization.
9. Fixed a rare bug, that prevented Early Bird bonuses and DLC from displaying correctly to certain users.
10. Fixed a system error, that may have intervened with some mission triggers.
11.Balanced the "Huge armies" starting option for Ukraine, Turkey and Algeria
12. Fixed an error in the third mission of the Russian campaign, that hindered the progression of it.
13. Fixed a bug, that allowed players to see resource nodes’ icons while other players were loading.
14. Made some tweaks to the loading screen, texts are now displayed on parchment.