1.18 General Information


1.18.1 The 25th shot.


Any shooting unit, including the lowly mercenary grenadier, has a 4% chance of killing his enemy with one shot.


1.18.2   Unit stacking.

New players might not realize at first, but the increased prices for units don't apply until the units have been trained. It is always better to queue several mercenary dragoons, fishing boats, yachts, cutters, 18thc frigates and victorias all at once to get them for the cheapest possible price. Mercenary dragoons are best in quantities of 100 or more. Their fast rate-of-fire (37) and awesome range (200/900) are extremely useful, but their low (19) attack suggests they are not very effective in groups of less than 50 or so. Most players, when playing million resource games will queue up 1000 mercenary dragoons (the max) as early as possible. When playing 30 pt or more, it is common for players to stack 200-600. You can easily queue up units by holding down shift and selecting the icon of the unit you want to  build. Like this , they increase by 5.


For other units where it doesn’t matter how much you make ( doesn’t change the price), you should hold down control and select the unit to make them infinite. ( so you don’t have to click thousands times) 


1.18.3 Map size.

Larger maps take longer to play. A 20 peacetime game on a 2x map is roughly equivalent to a 60 peacetime game on a normal-sized map. This is due to the fact that it takes forever to move units across the map, and a defensive player can easily train and upgrade an 18th century army before any major battle can occur. A 4x map would most likely play out like a 90 peacetime game, with most units fully upgraded before any major battle occurs.



1.18.4 Global Population limit.


As of version 1.28, the global pop limit of 8000 units has been removed from the game. The global pop limit is now infinite. So the sky isn’t the limit anymore, but your computer is. Personnally, playing with 2 good computers and a fast internet connection, i'v been able to set some 25 000 soldiers on the battlefield, each side roughly 12 500. It doesnt run as fast as a 2000 men army, but it surely got Epic proportions, and is very satisfying to play. Have a look at the Ardillon. sav in our Maps  & Mission Section. ( <insert weblink>)