Text Files

Text Files are used mainly for translation to the different languages. They also contain descriptions, hints and various other text related entries.
Note: if you are making new entries, you can easily create a new text file which holds all your new mod entries. The engine will read them. For most file's (except comment.txt, nmlist.txt , economy.txt, icons.txt) it doesnt matter where the entries are stored, it's just so to keep things grouped.

This file contains a lot of entries to give descriptions to the different vital buttons.
It also contains the description of the upgrades defined in ~.NDS
This is an important file. If you want to add new units ( eg. new MD files) you need to add the NAME entry into this file. This is also the entry that will be used in the~.NDS file under section [MEMBERS]second column. If you don't fill this file out, the game will crash or tell you "unknown monster found" after adding new units.
This file regulates the market, prices, icons
This file holds the description name of the various icons as used in the ~.MD files under ICON. The order in which they appear is the order as they appear within the icons.gp file.
This file holds the entries so the AI knows which ai.dll file to use for its nation.
This file contains the translation for all the nations in game.
Contains the hints that show up in the editor
Contains more information for the editor
Start options interface ( Additional Options)
Sounds refer to the unit/building/resource
Text for GSC Server
Interface & loading information
More Interface information
  • Text0: formation interface info
  • TextPravka: Game Information Interface info ( I), unload all
  • Text 2: Fractions
  • Text 3: attack icons informations
  • Text4: fast mode, score, total destruction info interface
  • Text5: user interface, stats (shield, attack, damage)
  • Text6: start options, etc..
  • Text 7: no gold message
  • Text 8: statistics, after game screen
  • Text 9: internet wizard information accounts, ranks, resource transfer
  • Text 10: mute player, kick player
  • Text 11: editor hints, replay slow fast
  • Text12: RA_Millions
  • Text13: Multiplayer
  • Text 18: formations
  • Text 21:rated death match
  • Text25: formations