RSR File Information

These file's are used to regulate the resource's such as stone's, tree's and their appearance in the map editor.
This define's the various stone sprites which are defined in stonlist.lst.
The order of appearance is just like in the .gp file ( first entry is first sprite)
ST1    STONE 10 30
Breaking this down:
ST1 is the object ID
STONE is the resource type
10 is the amount of resource/unit of work
30 is the radius of work

This section is used for the mine sprites to tell the game that the resource is collected 'inside'
It uses the same structure as the above section.
Cossacks I does not use [SECTIONS]  for stone's but you could use it to organise your stone's in different submenu's for the editor in case you add new one's.
For Example:
#QUARRIES 54 ST134 ST135 ST136 ST137 ST138 ST139 ST140 ST141 ST142 ST143 ST144 ST145 ST146 ST147 ST148 ST149 ST150 ST151 ST152 ST153 ST154 ST155 ST156 ST158 ST159 ST160 ST161 ST162 ST214 ST215 ST221 ST224 ST225 ST226 ST227 ST229 ST242 ST243 ST244 ST245 ST246 ST247 ST275 ST276 ST277 ST278 ST279 ST280 ST281 ST282 ST283 ST284 ST285 ST286
#SINGLESTONES 16 ST163 ST164 ST165 ST166 ST167 ST168 ST169 ST170 ST171 ST172 ST173 ST174 ST175 ST176 ST177 ST178
This will divide the stone's in 2 submenu's when hitting the stone button in the editor toolbar.
The first number define's how many sprites are defined, so for #QUARRIES there are 54 entries.
Note if you set up new sections you will want to add the entry aswell to a text file eg.
#QUARRIES Stone Quarries so the # doesnt appear in the editor.
This is similar to STONLIST.RSR, only that here the resource type is WOOD instead of STONE
The only difference here is the usage of the
This define's in which resource sprite the object will turn in to after collecting.

D01 D50 10
This tells that tree D01 will transform into tree D50 (which is a stump).