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63. Smithc592   (03/December/2016 3:20 PM)
I really enjoy reading on this website, it holds great articles. Don't put too fine a point to your wit for fear it should get blunted. by Miguel de Cervantes. bdekgdfakdkgddfb

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62. [RuIm]   (08/August/2016 7:28 AM)
Erste Cossacks Brigade
have a new homepage

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61. Ell Cade [deskari]   (04/May/2015 1:41 AM) E-mail
Well done, gentlemen, you have allowed me to play Cossacks II, which is more than I had any right to hope for.  Top notch.

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60. Petit PETER [PETERSON]   (15/February/2014 1:30 AM)
wacko  hola me puede ayudar   lo que necesito saber cómo hacer una foto de mi mapa. He utilizado esta herramienta TileMapGenerator se distorsiona la imagen por favor ayuda
disculpen las traducciones I commend you for the dedication to help smile biggrin :D
Answer: Use the forum and at least try writing in english so everyone can understand (use google translator if needed)

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59. Daniel   (05/December/2013 2:19 AM)

I want to download an AI pack for Cossacks: Back to War and I didn't see any link. Is it necessary to register for downloading? Because uID system needs a lot of personal data
Answer: Yes, nobody forces you to use actual personal data to register.

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58. roko perkovic [jurko]   (09/August/2013 2:52 AM)
I have a problem with Cossacks 2: Battle of Europe.
I installed it and every time I want to play it it says: ''application installed succsesfully.reboot the computer to complete installation.''
Help please!
Thank you
Answer: Sounds like a starforce error to me. Google it to see if there are any updated drivers or look to remove it all together.

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57. Toni Tomic [banSplit]   (06/June/2013 11:56 PM)
i instal ironmanmod but i have technical issue,when i finished mission with no loses computer said i lose all units and put some other country units,WHY?
i have eng version

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56. Nikos Sk [AM]   (24/February/2013 3:57 PM)
]Hi where i can download the EW & TAOW Campaigns for BTW (English ) because your download link didn't work anymore. Please help

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55. JAn   (05/January/2013 4:29 PM) E-mail
I have played Cossacks a lot and was directed to this page. I want to set up CII again on my PC but unfortunately I cannot find where CII can be downloaded or purchased. Anyone good tips? happy
Answer: Purchased? www.gog.com, www.steam.com or looking for box edition.

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54. Adam [MrRiv]   (03/January/2013 6:05 PM)

I recently found this website, and thank you that I did. I've been playing Cossacks since I was a kid, but was heartbroken when my CD broke for the original Cossacks. When I heard about Steam having the entire Cossacks and American Conquest bundle, I quickly picked it up, and started to knock the rust off of my rush strategy.

Thank you to the site administrator who created this database. Without it, I would have never thought of the game to be modable, less to the extent of what has been created by some members. This website motivated me to continue my studies of C, (which I started a few years ago, but dropped when I started Java) and start to work on some AI algorithms and strategies that I learned in my classes..

Once again, thank you for creating this website.

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53. Vertigo1106   (27/December/2012 10:50 AM) E-mail
Hello, EbelAngel! I'm trying to modify scenario editor for cossacks I, but some undeclared functions works bad, to fix it, need to rewrite SE. I want to ask you, do you have source code of scenario editor?
Answer: No I dont have that.

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52. Thomy Alex [Thomy]   (24/August/2012 7:29 PM)
I am so happy I found this. I am a big fan of Cossacks II and I am really happy to have some recources on Modding. Are there any encyclopedia sites for Cossacks II?

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51. Paul   (03/May/2012 11:48 PM) E-mail
Great site. I'm a modder in Cossacks I and all informations help me so much. Thanks for all!

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50. Justin Moretti [JM]   (24/February/2012 3:56 PM)
This is a brilliant website. I'm glad I found it (thanks to Daddio, who directed me here from the CDV USA forums) - keep up the good work. cool
Answer: Thanks for the nice comment!



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49. alpha vin [alphavin]   (20/December/2011 6:32 PM)
hello,i need cossacks source code, could you sent it to me,thank you verymuch,my email :alphavin@126.com tongue
Answer: I'm sorry, but what do you need it for? Besides I don't really know you, so I'm going to respectfully decline your request.


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