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Forum » Cossacks I » Modding » Compeleted GP set of a Landsknecht unit graphic
Compeleted GP set of a Landsknecht unit graphic
ivenendDate: Tuesday, 01/November/2016, 11:18 AM | Message # 1
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Thanks for the helps from EbelAngel, I finally completed my first unit graphic for C1. laugh

The attachment file contains a compeleted GP set of the unit graphic of a Landsknecht wielding a two-handed sword. The Poser model is originally made by Kinboat, I animated it, did some adjustment and rendered it into Cossacks 1 GP format.

Feel free to use it in your mods if you want, but please give credits to Kinboat and me.

It is part of my proposal 16thc Warfare mod for C1, besides this one, a Landsknecht-Pikeman and Landsknecht-Halberdier poser model had been already made, not rendered into GP yet though.

Unfortunately, 3 tools(GpArch, GSC Generator and GSC Utility) which can pack up GSC/GS1 files all fail to me. sad Mostly because I'm using a Win8 OS which the tools are not compatible with, similar issues happen to other users in the forum according some threads. I have a XP computer but not until I back home 2 or 3 months later can I get it, so it seems that my 16thc Warfare modding plan need to be delay for a few months.

The attachment file also contains 2 edited MD file, they're for a simple testing mod which suppose to change the graphic of the Swiss Swordsman and the Scottish Swordsman in Mod1 into the Landsknecht. If someone is able to pack up GS1 files, could you please help me pack them up? Many thanks!

Ha! not needed, the GpArch works for me, I can now packs GS1 files! biggrin

Added (01/November/2016, 11:18 AM)
Adjust the poses, lighting and camera to make to unit more fit in Cossacks 1, I also add a no-armour version of the Doppelsoldner, and also make unit icons, as you can see on the right panel:  happy

More units, including Landsknecht Halberdier, Pikeman, Arquebusier are coming! Wait for a 16th century mod.

note: not the final version)

Attachments: Landsknecht_MOD.rar(495.4 Kb)

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EbelAngelDate: Wednesday, 02/November/2016, 1:03 AM | Message # 2
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Quote ivenend ()
the GpArch works for me, I can now packs GS1 files!


CichorDate: Tuesday, 05/September/2017, 10:48 AM | Message # 3
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Wow. I do not expect to see any new unit or building to Csx. Great work and nice suprise after long break.

I apologize for my english.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

batman72iamDate: Saturday, 07/July/2018, 8:43 PM | Message # 4
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Hole-y, t'is good!
iplastunDate: Sunday, 29/July/2018, 10:28 PM | Message # 5
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Hello! Did you open the "gp" files in windows xp?
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