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Game Project
NowyDate: Sunday, 19/January/2014, 10:39 PM | Message # 31
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I have little hope for this project, but I can cast here some things under discussion.
New RTS game or mod project in Cossacks style should include wider list of changes.
General needs:
1. more historically accurate features
2. more realistic war strategies and tactics
3. sixteen factions with different power strength
4. six factions tiers with different strategies and playability
5. available allies and foreign service contingents and elite guard units
6. bigger armies, more unit squads organized in proper order of battle
7. big size, transparent maps with well done landscape and topography
8. more economy aspects e.g. industry, external, overseas and colonial trades
9. simpler, better scaled, smaller and less detailed buildings and fortifications
10. some new buildings e.g. diplomatic centre, industrial factory, sea port, bank, camps 
11. villages and town centres which can expand into bigger, urbanized settlements or fortified towns
12. more land and sea sectors on strategic or global map in Battle for Europe Campaign
13. improved game conditions and more realistic scenarios in Battle for Europe Campaign
14. key strongholds, key fortresses or fortified towns, sea ports, trade routs, colonial centres
15. historical campaigns in Austria, Germany, Italy, Prussia, Poland, Russia, Egypt and Spain.
Detailed things:
1. better organized and scaled squads size, strength and attached staff positions
2. properly chosen national units, General Commanders, Chiefs and Adjutants
3. six comanders ranks for Generals and their Adjutants atached to formations
4. smaller villages militia squads 15 men in 2 ranks line and improve their actions
5. improve cavalry, infantry, artillery and engineers behaviours, movements and combats
6. opitonally automated muskets fire system, new fire system for sharpshooters
7. worse fire arms accuracy, less killings ratio, especially for artillery round shots
8. better chosen artillery ammunition and fire rangs, especially for light cannons
9. round shots, solid cannonballs can hit the ground and rolling, but finally can not explode
10. canister shots can inflict more casualties at short and medium range
11. improve tactical formations for cavalry, infantry and artillery squads
12. two types of infantry squads organized in smaller companies and battalions
13. two types of cavalry squads organized in smaller squadrons and bigger regiments
14. horse drawn field and siege artillery organized in 2 guns section and 4 guns batteries
15. horse drawn ammunition caissons, baggage, equipage and supply wagons squads
16. destroyable wooden made and pontoon bridges carried on horse drawn vehicles
17. more fieldworks build by sappers e.g. palisades, fleshes, redoubts, siege trenches
18. garrison units in fixed fortifications e.g. tower, blockhouse, fort, bastion and fortress
19. infantry and cavalry reinforcements created only in their own military buildings
20. some ships of the line, frigates, sloops, merchant vessels, barges, drafts, gun boats
There are many things to do. Some features exist in C2 game even now, but they needs some improvements.
kirjasbeltranDate: Wednesday, 06/May/2015, 5:32 PM | Message # 32
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how about gsc developing a similar game with 20th century onwards military. settings may include ww1, ww2, or other settings similar to command and conquer generals. in these type of games, the player gets to command tanks, aircraft, modern military units, submarines. as with cossacks, the units can lose their morales, units are in auto formation, ala c and c generals, rifle based units cannot destroy buildings, but rpg, rocket launcher and explosives based units can, though rifle based units can destroy oil depots.

Added (06/May/2015, 5:32 PM)
Can we also have gsc developed games that focuses on at least up to 4 factions, whether historical, sci fi or fantasy? Either way, capturing opposing technology trees is possible so that you can form your own super army from all the existing factions..

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