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Back to war - Single missions incredibly hard?
Tuscarora87Date: Wednesday, 05/February/2014, 3:15 AM | Message # 1
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Hi to everyone!

By searching the forum I found a thread about how some original campaigns are tough, but I haven't found anybody who is playing and beating BTW single player missions.

I played several of them. On hard. Some are "okay, eh" and I passed them ("The frontier squadron"), but others are pain in the ass. No.3 - "Sultan's land" I finished after 3 days of insane play. I was in need to build Victoria. :7

"Sultan's land" is at least possible to finish (maybe mercenaries would finish the job earlier, maybe), but for example No.1 mission "General's release"; I find this one impossible.

- Can't produce army (only ships, but no land troops and guns)
- Week number of the starting army
- My eventual walls are breachable. And they eat my valuable stone like hell.
- AI spawns endless Xebecs and Frigates
- Enemy ships can easily devastate and harass even that little miserable piece of land I posses
- Towers not effective after some time
- Impossible to rush one of those 2 enemy towns. Even if you miraculously conquer one enemy, another will breach your defenseless city. Or there is a cure for this? Towers? Hardly.
- Impossible (rush) to release the general from the captivity on the island and bring him back alive
- My galleys are not strong against spawning Xebecs and are wasting coal like... like... They consume all of coal supplies just to destroy one or two ships. Needless to say, my 2 land guns, towers, musketeers can't shoot because of this.


Maybe I see 0.0000001% chance to win this but I should play insanely perfect game. After several days of cogitation nothing else comes to my mind.

This is the best i thought out:

-> Galleys on the edges will not be engaged and they can bombard approaching troops for some time. I say for some time, because they are wasting coal and missing a lot and if i make even slight mistakes I will gradually lose my auxiliary army after hours?! of skirmishing. What if they bring canons and mortars later... (I'm not sure for this; Turkey and Piemont). The good thing is that enemy is replacing (spawning) ships only after the existing ones are destroyed. So it could be good to let those Xebecs cast anchor in front of my town. I'll withdraw maximally to the southern edge of the map, build towers, walls, use galleys on the far flanks. From the very start the rest of galleys should be directed to one of the sides of the gulf (lake?) and when Frigates and Xebecs pass over them and park themselves in front of my base, then I should attack the island and ordinary mortar-galleys.

-> But this is just a theory. My galleys will waste coal... I will be defending my base with some soldiers, towers and galleyes with little odds against growing enemies (2 of them). I will be harassed by ships. General must come back allive, but mortars and even survived towers on the island can kill him easily. So I will need to destroy everything, bring a ferry, maybe even some troops along, too. Precious time will be lost too. And what after that? Well, I would give up my ambitions on the sea, then start building troops, until I prevail? If it is even possible against 2 developed hard AI's?


I'm playing Cossacks after several years again and I remember tAoW single mission as playable ones. By the way, what is the reputation of BTW single player missions? Does anybody finished them and can anybody give some hints and advices for the mentioned mission? Or it is really impossible? I'm playing on hard and that's the only difficulty I'll play. Others are not satisfactory to me. I would appreciate if someone from this community say at least that this mission is impossible to win.
james7741Date: Saturday, 27/December/2014, 11:23 PM | Message # 2
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SultanĀ  's land. Yes I played it with hard or maybe very hard i don 't know anymore. Yes it 's true the mission can take a long time, but in the end you beat the pc on very hard. Sometimes the ai will fail and you can beat it easily. The ai gets stuck with narrow passages, doesn 't shoot with cannon to boats so...
Sent mercenarys to the front (grenediers)with your normal troops of course. Then after a while when everything is in control. you can build up your regular army and begin finishing the map. But I must say I haven 't played alot on vetr hard. I 'm gonne try to play them on very hard.
Marshalls - Finished on very hard.(Used mercenaries grenediers 400 to 500 to stop the attacks and used of course regular army)
Still trying rescue operations.

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