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Mod Ideas: Global Imperialism Mod
DylanwtnDate: Thursday, 13/August/2009, 4:43 AM | Message # 1
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I love this game very much but I would love to see it be expanded outside if Europe and North Africa.
I am thinking of a mod that would add additional countries from around the world. I would Also like to see time period expanded.
Here's what I'm thinking:

Fight the wars of the Napoleonic and Victorian Age!

It would be like Cossacks, Cossacks II, American Conquest, and Divided Nation CombinedTime Period
1800-1900 (Right after Cossacks ends to the dawn of the 20th Century)

New Nations:
The Zulu
The Lakota
The United States
The Confederate States
Germany as a united country
Italy as a united Country
England will renamed The United Kingdom

I realize this is a very ambitious idea but I think it can be done if we all pool our resources and ideas together.

EbelAngelDate: Thursday, 13/August/2009, 10:46 AM | Message # 2
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Hello Dylanwtn

Welcome to the site.

Surely an interesting idea you posted there.

It is indeed an ambitious idea.

I'd love to make a mod along those lines, but a few problems I think of right now, and which have somehow stopped me from continueing with modding CI aswell are these:

-For those new nations, one would need the AI source code badly otherwise it makes no sense to create all these new nations, unless the mod is intended for online play. At the moment I do not posess the source code to do this.
This is the main reason why i switched to modding CII at the moment, because the ai comes in open xml format which is a lot easier to modify and create new one's.

-Secondly, for all those nations, a lot of new models would be needed, not only are they a lot of work to make, we would need someone who can do this for us and is willing to do so on a free bases.

Surely the idea is good, though I strongly doubt that we will find enough people to get the job done and aswell the much needed source code for both the AI as the engine, as I have failed to obtain it untill now.

I could sent another mail to GSC requesting it, but I somehow doubt they will reply will a positive result.

Kind Regards


DylanwtnDate: Thursday, 13/August/2009, 11:40 PM | Message # 3
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Thanks for the reply I think this may be a little too ambitious myself. I think adding the United States to Cossacks II may be a better idea because:
1. Their troops during this time period look very similar to the British. They are by no means as powerful though.
2. They fit in the games time period perfectly.

I don't own Cossacks II anymore as because it ran very slow on my old computer. I did not enjoy it as much as the original because it seemed much smaller to me.
Maybe we can add new countries one at a time?
Is it also possible to ask GSC permission to you content from the American Conquest games?

Forum » Cossacks I » Modding » Mod Ideas: Global Imperialism Mod
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