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How do I move Mine upgrades 5, 6 and 7 for Turbans to 18th C
FtoomshDate: Saturday, 31/August/2013, 2:35 AM | Message # 11
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Quote (EbelAngel)
you surely wont create new animations without the original models

Sad face about that. cry

Actually, my latest mods02.gs1 release for OC Mod Balanced has real problems too.

1. I made peasants non-capturable so I could play games on default capture setting and watch replays without replay capture bug causing desynchs. Now that peasants are non-capturable, mines are captured instead of blowing up. All peasants inside are captured too. This is not what I wanted or expected. I expected the mines to still blow up on capture.

2. I gave ukraine 444 wood fence units in UNITLOCK but this did not work and they only got about 180 sections or a few more. I suspect I have exceeded the variable's range declaration. For example, if I give them 444 fence sections and the variable limit is 256 (a likely value) then it will wrap-around and give me 444 - 256 = 188 sections. Is that in fact what happened? I think it is. I have found this issue before with XVIII C upgrade costs. You cant go much over 60,000 as it wraps around at about 64,000. So you give it 64,001 and it will likely cost 1.

3. I have given Ukraine up to 8 log cabins using UNITLOCK to limit them and Ukes need to be in 18th C to build them. You can build up to the 8 if you have the resources but if you lose any log cabins you dont get the log cabin build icon back so you cant build anymore. Why doesn't the icon come back?

I have fixed the special sections and done everything I think I need to do and yet log cabin build icon is available to build 8 log cabins in 18th C but then not available to build a replacement if 1 of the 8 is destroyed. I have no idea why it is doing this.

Here is my latest UKRAINE.NDS file attached.
Attachments: 7028371.nds(31Kb)

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Forum » Cossacks I » Modding » How do I move Mine upgrades 5, 6 and 7 for Turbans to 18th C
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