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Forum » Cossacks I » Modding » Modding AI to bypass 3000 unit limit ? BTW / IMPERIA ? (Modding AI to bypass 3000 unit limit ? BTW / IMPERIA ?)
Modding AI to bypass 3000 unit limit ? BTW / IMPERIA ?
donkeyDate: Saturday, 28/September/2013, 6:20 PM | Message # 1
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I see in PeaceTime 15+ minutes AI doesnt make more buildings/men and basicly gets stucks at 3000 units. Anyway to bypass this?
- I want that AI keeps building makes an army unlimited.

( I create in 30min peace an army with 10.000+ men and build like the whole map full )
So at 30m peace AI has also an army with 30K+

This will greatly improve gameplay, might end up 3-4 players against 1 very hard enemy

Any suggestion where to put the AI limit?

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EbelAngelDate: Monday, 30/September/2013, 6:00 PM | Message # 2
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I'm impressed that you manage to make 10K + units in just 30 minutes. You must have a decent computer that runs the game fast to do so. Or you play millions perhaps to start with?

Eitherway. I think you should go into the editor and place 10K troops and then add 30K for the AI as you suggest. See how well the game handles it.

I dont think i ever had more than 25K on any given map. I doubt 40K will play easy , i suspect the odds of the game crashing are high.

I do not believe this would greatly improve gameplay. Nobody like lag or crashes.

That being said, you are certainly right to state that one AI just doesnt produce enough troops for 1 player. It's mainly because it's not beeing told to do so and it quickly hits the population limit determined by buildings ( houses, barracks, etc). regular AI only builds 2 18th barracks for example. That only adds some 500 population.

I certtainly dont think you can do this in Imperia, because the AI source code isnt available for it and it would have to be rewritten which would be a huge amount of work.

The source code for the normal 1.30-1.35 AI versions is available on the site here however and you may want to experiment with that, but adjust your numbers to a more realistic amount of units. If you manage to make the AI create 5-6K troops then that would be in improvement.
30K just isnt realistic.

Forum » Cossacks I » Modding » Modding AI to bypass 3000 unit limit ? BTW / IMPERIA ? (Modding AI to bypass 3000 unit limit ? BTW / IMPERIA ?)
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