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OC mod white flags!
mrfox1389Date: Monday, 17/November/2014, 0:34 AM | Message # 1
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evening all,

random question, I finally got back to war+ mod1+ OC mod all togther and running however there is one annoying little glich.  All the 18th c flag guys all have white flags insted of your current color (ie red blue ect)  any reason for this or any way to fix the white flags?
DaddioDate: Wednesday, 19/November/2014, 0:41 AM | Message # 2
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Build braver soldiers. 

Sorry could not resist.

I know very little about OC mod.


FtoomshDate: Monday, 24/November/2014, 10:42 AM | Message # 3
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I think it's just a graphical limitation of OC Mod. In the scheme of things it doesn't matter much. Your troops are still all your colour so far as uniforms are concerned and so far as the mini-map is concerned.

A greater limitation of OC Mod is that Russia is badly under-powered, Ukraine is over-powered early to middle game and then weak late. France is overpowered (troops too cheap in 18th). Prussia struggles in 18th C due to troops being too dear. This is just a summary. Many other issues too.

I have modded OC Mod into OC Mod Balanced. Russia is repaired. Ukraine less powerful early to mid but better late... and so on. I have made a lot of other small changes too numerous to mention to balance all sides dynamically. But they are still very different and have different powers at different times in the game. I was still working on balancing the 25 nations of OC Mod (very complicated) but my last opponent gave up the game so I haven't worked on my mod for a while. I looked at a few things just recently just to keep my hand in at modding it. But my motivation is not high as nobody plays it now.

Postscript: I will just mention I made a few conceptual changes too. Three Imperial Nations (Spain, Piemont and Bavaria) got the power to make log cabins for defence. Otherwise, they were a bit lacklustre. With square formations and log cabins they can now make good defences. They can make good mining outposts too with log cabins and towers and say wooden fences. The log cabins are a bit strong and I was working on de-powering them a bit when I gave up modding. I gave Ukraine the power to make log cabins too but only in the 18th C. These Ukraine log cabins fire and can also make serdiuks so they boost Ukraine's 18th C serdiuk production. I made Hetmen the elite 18th C horse for Ukraine strong and fast producing to repair their 18th C cavalry weakness.

Turkey got an 18th C Janissary. Other turban shooters were made better and/or more numerous so they could compete better in 18th C. This was done without making them overpowered in 17th C. Algerian and Turkish Bedouin were made stronger and more numerous so they could almost compete with 18th C dragoons (almost but not quite).

Many other changes were made to help balance things. Almost all infantry were standardised at 350 life points. This made 17th muskets stronger for example. On the other hand, the "burn" rate of coal and iron when firing muskets and cannon was increased so it is a bit harder to keep those resources up to the troops in a big firefight.

Cold steel infantry with all armour upgrades are a bit stronger so they can handle upgraded heavy horse a bit better. Heavy horse production was slowed a little. I felt heavy horse were becoming dominant a little too quickly in 17th C. On the other hand, the almost insane defence of cold steel infantry squares and tercio squares was reduced a bit. They were just too strong against even fully upgraded heavy horse.

Final point. Geo research was removed to 18th C and made expensive. More need to scout to find mines. Balloon is totally disabled. Scouting is an important skill. These are justt some of the changes.

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